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Metatronic Lions and Lambs
by Simeon Chi'Ra - 8/18/09

We have all heard the age old saying "when the lion will lie down with the lamb" which is meant to convey that a major change is coming to the Earth that will affect even the natural world in unexpected ways.

That saying is a compilation of thoughts and words that appear in the bible in the scroll of Isaiah. There are additional scriptural passages regarding the lion and the lamb in the Book of Revelation that are more apocalyptic and mysterious in their context.

These differing representations of the symbology of the lion and the lamb can be seen to represent differing aspects of the changes which are now upon us. In the more fundamental understanding of this saying about the lion and lamb lying together we have a representation of the next octave of the nature realms, called "Para Prakriti" in the Hindu scriptures.

In Para Prakriti there are no predators because the creatures in such a realm are able to sustain their higher vibratory forms upon the unlimited energy matrix they have access to. This is true of human beings in these realms as well. In other words, living beings in Para Prakriti live off of pure energy, there is no need for food, therefore competition and predation do not exist.

Yet there is a more esoteric understanding of this saying as well that points to higher level metaphysics operating within the Metatronic Spiral of evolution. The lamb is a representation of the 999 Cube of Stars or Ormid, the universal context for reality wherein syntropy completes entropy.

The lamb has been used to symbolize the Christ Consciousness, or consciousness of love and compassion. This is the key that takes us through the center point of the inversion from 666 to the 999.

The lion is the symbol for Solar Law. It is in the lion that we find the most commonly used esoteric symbol for the pure form of the 666. This is simply the inversion of the 999 Cube of Stars or "Ormid".

This inversion takes place through the energetic structure of the lemniscate or infinity-eight loop. To visualize this see a standard numeral eight laid on its side, then stretched horizontally by a factor of two or so.

It is this lemniscate that is the basis for the Metatronic Fulcrum (Ref: Maia Alaula Kamala in Temple Doors Vol. 04, 1990 and Vol, 04, 1997). The Metatronic Fulcrum exists in the center point of the lemniscate or infinity-eight loop.

It is in turn the basis of how the macrocosmic archetypal patterns within the Metatronic (non-dualistic) dimensions of the universe find their way into substantiation within the realms of matter, density and duality.

There is thus a phase reversal of these larger patterns as they "invert" from the 999 and enter into the harmonics of the 666 matter realm which are represented in the dynamics controlled by a World System's solar threshold, its Solar Law in other words.

In fact, there is then a subsequent series of twelve polarity reversals which take place as these archetypal forms move into full manifestation upon the physical plane in a world such as our's.

There is some further information on the "Twelve Polarities of Descent into Matter" in the Blue Stone Healing Manual by Maia Alaula Kamala that pertain to human incarnation specifically.

Herein we have some of the more significant inner workings of the interactions and relationships between the 666 and the 999 revealed. The Metatronic Fulcrum is a powerful energetic universal structure. This holographic energy-form exists within all aspects of manifest reality which have the equivalent of DNA, i.e. all living things.

In human DNA this energy form is called the M-STRA molecule which is an acronym for "Metatronic Star-Tect Redemption Apex," and which is named and defined in this quote from Maia's Temple Doors Vol. 04, 1990:

Metatronic Star-Tect Redemption Apex... a lattice of star energy created by a non-lateral gravity system, i.e. outside polarity (containing no opposite poles) interacting on high-state star emissions from the centers of the Living Lights (Archangelic resonances within star-matter).

It is therefore within our very own DNA that we have access to the Cube of Stars or Ormid on the other side of our Solar Threshold as we move more fully into the open-ended reality of the greater dimensions of our universe that are beyond duality.

In the dynamic present within the 666 we are in-raying the larger universal archetypes into denser forms through an involutionary process. Moving through the fulcrum into the 999 then opens up the dynamic wherein we can more fully begin out-raying what we have developed in consciousness in our journey here on Earth so it may be fully incorporated back into the larger universal archetypes, thus updating them.

This has been occurring in varying degrees all along, but we are going to be opened up to this dynamic in a much more significant way as we pass through this final 999 time gate on our journey home.

As I wrote previously, the upcoming 9/9/9 is the final time gate in a long harmonic series that was initiated 14,400 years ago.

Today, I was delighted to receive an article from a friend of mine, Cayelin Castell, of Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and Celestial Timings newsletter (highly recommended and comes in both a free and paid version). This article is entitled "Pluto Stations at the Galactic Cross once in 248 Years". Quoting some excerpts from this article:

In this time of the Turning of the Ages many highly significant and extremely rare planetary alignments have been occurring. September 11, 2009 marks Pluto's station direct.

Pluto's stationary energy lasts for nearly a month before and a month after the exact station date with September 11 acting as the center point of this portal...

Every 26,000 years for about 144 years the December Solstice aligns along the Galactic Cross (where the plane of our Galaxy intersects the plane of our Solar System) near Galactic Center... The main point here is to emphasize the unique importance and rarity of this Pluto alignment.

During any planetary station we experience a Still Point (a portal of infinite possibilities) in relationship to those planetary energies. Pluto is the single most important symbol we have for alchemical transformation, bringing the shadow to light for the purpose of experiencing greater empowerment, and shamanic death and rebirth.

This is extremely powerful given that the mid-point of this Pluto still-point is only two days after the final 999 time gate opens us to the final energetic impulse that will take us through the final stages of traversing the 666-999 inversion thus offering us the possibility of full activation of our M-STRA molecule or heart seed.

I also sense that the window either side of the midpoint of this particular Pluto still point may be considerably longer than usual due to the many other very powerful celestial alignments and harmonic shifts that are all taking place right now.

We are each a reflection of this universal hologram and within each of us we have the lion and the lamb as well. In fact we have two lions. We have the pure lion that represents the Solar Law harmonics of 666 in our solar system.

We would not physically exist without this and it was the focus of some of the ancient Solar Initiations. Then there is the other lion that represents all of the energetic miasms and convolutions that have been created throughout our sojourn on Earth.

We usually call this karma or the shadow, but these terms have become laden with various idealogies. I therefore prefer to address this from the perspective of a metaphorical analogy to help break our consciousness out into new perspectives.

We can think of this second lion of miasms as being like a mutant lion that was a byproduct of our efforts over many generations to breed an incredible strain of lion that had all the best qualities within it.

The mutant lion has physical problems, does not have all its legs and toes and some things are deformed and it is in poor health. In the level of nature that exists in our world as we know it, known as "Apara Prakriti" in the Hindu texts, the mutant lion would be killed by the stronger lions as part of the process of natural selection. Yet all of our hearts go out to such creatures even though we are a part of this level of nature, why?

It is because we humans have the most active M-STRA molecule on the planet along with the whales and dolphins. The M-STRA molecule brings the energy of the Metatronic lamb into play within our experience.

We literally have one part of our being in Apara Prakriti and another in Para Prakriti, physically. When the lamb comes to lie down with the lion, it lies down with both lions and the mutant lion is then transformed and merges with the pure lion once again.

In other words, when we have learned to use the power found within our true identity of pure awareness and love instead of using force applied in the direction of our ego's desired outcomes, the lamb shall come to lie with the lion in our being and we shall find the M-STRA molecule flaming in our hearts carrying us across the 666 Solar Threshold into the vast and infinite realms of the 999 Cube of Stars.

As stated in my previous information on the upcoming 999 Cube of Stars Tele-Transmission:

A new Solar Lion will roar in our collective heart after we pass through this final 999 time gate.

I will now add that this lion has a destiny to lie with the lamb, and its roar is none other than the roar of a fierce love that cannot be subdued by fear of any sort.

I will be working with the M-STRA dynamic in the upcoming 999 Cube of Stars Tele-Transmission.

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