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The Nardee and Uma Networks
by Simeon Chi'Ra 6/5/10

In February 2010 I saw the movie "Avatar." Directly after having this incredible experience I started receiving transmissions of awareness from and about something that was being called "The Nardee Network."

I was taken into merkabah and shown how all worlds in all universes and all dimensions that have come to realize and experience a unified consciousness amongst themselves harmonically inter-link to form what was being referred to as "The Nardee Network."

The name "Nardee" is from a star tribe language that is fairly universally known amongst the worlds which have realized unity consciousness. It is therefore somewhat of a universal language. I am also aware that there are other names this network is known by.

There is also another network that is called the "Uma Network." This is the network of consciousness within any given collective world consciousness that has realized unity consciousness in that collective.

Thus, when a mature Uma interlinks harmonically with other Uma of the Nardee Network they are then offered the opportunity for an entirely new octave of unity consciousness development.

That Uma is then brought into an experience wherein it starts to unify with other consciousness that is quite different than what is found within it's own collective of consciousness and another unification journey begins. In truth, these journeys tend to overlap by quite a margin.

Here on Earth we are still working very diligently to develop and mature our Uma Network. However, when beings within any Uma that is not yet fully developed or mature has beings within it that have a very deep desire for, commitment to, and fundamental understanding of unity consciousness... they are automtically welcomed into the Nardee Network.

Entering the Nardee Network means these being's are then supported in amazing ways in achieving their desires and goals for unification. This in turn then supports them in helping their collectives also achieve Uma.

Developing the Uma collectively is an inside job. It must first occur within the consciousness of the individuals who are aware enough to consciously desire Uma in their world.

Uma is a stepping stone to fully joining the Universal Brother/Sisterhood of Nardee as a collective beyond the scope of the conscious human mind. You have to drop into your CORE SELF to understand and KNOW about Nardee.

The beings of Nardee have welcomed all beings here on Earth that have a deep longing for unity consciousness on Earth and a deeper more conscious communion with their brothers/sisters in other worlds who have realized such consciousness.

Simply becoming aware of the Nardee and the Uma, and the assistance that is being offered and provided through the Nardee, opens some amazing gateways of consciousness and experience from the Cosmic Plane of Awareness.

I, and all the beings of Nardee, welcome you to open your heart, mind and being to this greater field of awareness on your own path to unity consciousness and ultimately to states of oneness.

As you do you will see for yourself how the great heavenly sea of unity consciousness emanating from Nardee starts to carry you along gracefully on the wings of incredible universal love.

You already ARE that love, its only a matter of having that more fully realized in your conscious human experience.

I will be sharing more information on Nardee and Uma as well as transmissions, insights and awareness regarding how we can each aid the development of our world's Uma by realizing unity consciousness within ourselves.

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