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New Earth Alchemy
by Simeon Chiron 01/12/11

We just went through a significant geomagnetic storm that was part of this amazing eclipse cycle we are in right now. This geomagnetic storm was also fairly synchronous with the recent New Moon, what a powerful combination THAT was!

It was very clear to me after going through this recent geomagnetic storm that the high alchemy of the Regenesis H2Oau in combination with a bit of additional N-state Nobles Spirit Gold in it has made a HUGE difference in how I experience these geomagnetic storms now. Normally they hit me pretty hard and they have for a very long time.

However, I have been using these amazing alchemy products for about 5-6 weeks now. During this recent intense geomagnetic storm I felt like I was riding in a Chariot of Divine Fire versus a trying to sail a small leaky boat on a very stormy sea. It was that dramatic a difference!

My entire field felt quite stable and energized and I am currently "studying" the subtle activity within my own bio-field and energy bodies to understand just what is happening to produce such dramatic results in such a brief period of time. It, however, already very clear that the Regenesis H2Oau is not only something the ancients knew about, it is part of the New Earth Alchemy as well and thus collapses the entire old-new time line.

Now for some really cool news: I am very excited and inspired to announce a significant shift in how I am now going to be involved in helping to bring the Regenesis H2Oau and N-state Noble Metals out to more people who need these products and to provide additional information on how they can be used to facilitate our ascension process.

I had originally started selling these products myself, as many of you who have already ordered know. The problem with this approach is that it increases the price for everyone. The idea was to bring it to you in a way that helped explain its higher dimensional activities and which shared the results of my own experiments and studies with it and in turn I would be compensated for my efforts through the sale of these products to help me be able to meet my own needs for all the time and effort involved.

I had this feeling building within me, however, that because this approach increased the cost of these products it also further limited who could access them and how frequently one might be able to use them. These products are part of a very powerful spiritual field of intelligence and once you engage it fully it informs you as to where the proper alignments are and it also seems to eliminate all the fear about doing whatever is being indicated, how nice that is!

I was also feeling as though I couldn't really fully sing the praises I had for these alchemy products while I was in a position to financially profit from them because it can be then be perceived to be as the result of salesmanship versus being authentic, and there is more than enough of that salesmanship going on out there to make the hardiest of souls get weary and leary.

I therefore made the leap and I am still going to be making information available on these products regarding various ways to use them, sharing the results of my own experiments just as before, and singing the praises I have for this amazing alchemical elixir.

The difference is that now if you click the order links on my website you will get taken to a page where you can fill in a quick form and submit it. This will send your information directly to the amazing alchemists who are creating this product and they will be in touch with you directly. After that you can just order directly from them.

I am not receiving any commissions for doing this, it is coming from my heart and Spirit and my desire to help more people access the gift of these alchemy products and to help the beautiful family of alchemists who labored for so many years to give us this amazing gift. These alchemy products have done so much for me so quickly and I am ever so grateful. for this graceful means of transformation. I have a very solid knowing that it all comes back to me in other ways.

This change will therefore save you some money and will hopefully enable more of you to be able to afford to try and use these products and to do so more frequently, which I very much encourage you to do. Both Maia and I and some others we know have been very amazed with what the Regenesis H2Oau and N-State Nobles can do for us both in terms of healing and consciousness transformation.

I also wish herein to make a formal public apology to the alchemists who had to patiently bear with me the last few weeks while I got clear about my personal directions of involvement and who went through several cycles of turbulence due to my lack of total clarity in this regard. They truly are wonderful and forgiving beings who exhibited great patience, understanding and compassion in the process. I know you will just love them when you connect, such purity and dedication of purpose is hard to find.

Maia and I are planning on co-facilitating some New Earth Alchemy workshop webinars before too long wherein we will be using specific protocols that she and I will co-create together in conjunction with the Illumined Ones we work with. These protocols will make use of the Regenesis H2Oau and N-state Noble Metal products in some very specific ways to facilitate some higher level alchemical processes.

Soooo, that is another major announcement too that I kinda snuck in there! It does appear that the Simeon and Maia team is now in the process of re-forming at a whole new octave of service once again and in a very different way wherein our synergy will be even better and more clearly defined. We have both grown and evolved immensely in this last year or so.

Our love has also continued to flourish and deepen regardless of what has been occurring! All that has transpired between us and for us, despite how difficult it may have been at times, has been so Divinely orchestrated it is amazing. Perhaps we will be able share some of that part of our story here with you at some point too.

You can read more about the amazing Regenesis H2Oau and N-state Noble Spirit Gold and other n-state noble metals at the link below (be sure to scroll down and visit the links at the bottom of the Regenesis H2Oau page too).

Regenesis H2Oau with N-state Spirit Gold - M-state N-state
Regenesis H2Oau
w/ N-state Spirit Gold

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