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The New Earth Goddess Hologram
by Simeon Chiron 06/13/11

Goddess of the Universe IshkeaIshkea, the Universal Goddess Mother beyond all form, Quan Yin and all other Earth Goddesses that have ushered forth from the Greater Temple Portal of Venus as Ishkea's daughters, and Gaia who was cosmically birthed as Ishkea's "twin" at the inception of our planet. The full spectrum of all of these energies represent the New Earth Goddess Hologram.

This full spectrum of Goddess energies has been around for a very long time. Therefore, understanding exactly what is "New Earth" about this hologram of energies is in order! One of the primary New Earth components involved is our own rapidly expanding ability to interact with more of the totality of this Goddess Hologram.

A quick review of human history for example, will reveal that each culture has had its own pantheon of deities, and the Goddess deities were no exception. It was rather rare to find members of one culture worshiping Goddess figures from other cultures. It happened, but not on a wide spread scale.

Today we have a rapidly expanding number of souls who are working with the energy of many, many Goddess figures from many cultures throughout human history and even beyond into the higher-dimensional realms. This change represents a significant collective expansion of awareness regarding the Goddess Hologram.

As our awareness expands into the universal plane, the ability of our consciousness and physiology to process the additional multi-dimensional information involved increases. As this occurs our ability to experience more of the totality of reality and the Goddess Hologram also increases.

This is important because we are hereby moving into an ability to be able to experience a more expansive and essential part of ourselves that we have been desiring for a very long time. Our hearts have been crying out for the embrace of the Cosmic Mother that has given birth to our very soul and all the rest of Creation.

We have flocked to her daughters such as Quan Yin, and her beloved Quan Yin Goddess Mothertwin Gaia, for the nourishment and love we needed in this regard. These aspects of the Goddess Hologram have nurtured and cared for us for many, many aeons of experience on this Earth. They are integrally woven into the very fabric of our DNA. This is absolutely perfect!

They are aspects of the macro-cosmic Goddess of the Universe's hologram of energy. They have been one means by which she has woven heself into our hearts and DNA in the midst of great density and limitation.

Contemplate just how great a love must be present in the Cosmic Mother Ishkea's immense beingness to reach into every differentiated aspect of the universe in this manner. What an amazing Divine Intelligence guides this immense love! It comes to us in the way we best understand in every moment. How GREAT is that?

Yet, we have not even touched the hem of our Goddess Mother Ishkea's cosmic garment just yet. Through the New Earth Goddess Hologram she is greatly expanding the potential for us to fully experience her immense love in entirely new ways that are not limited by any of the modalities of our past.

This potential involves being able to experience the energy of all the Goddesses that have ever expressed on Earth, along with Gaia and the Universal Goddess Mother Ishkea -- all as one holographic composite of energy simultaneously! Each of these Goddess energy expressions can be "known" and experienced individually at the same time they are also "known" and experienced as a whole hologram of energy.

As I have been working with this energy and creating the program for the video transmission entitled "Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess," this is exactly what I have been experiencing. This New Earth Goddess Hologram of energy is very much a part of this upcoming webinar transmission, and in a very powerful way.

It's highly multi-dimensional, yet also profoundly grounded. It leaves me just feeling completely without words and outer forms of expression. This is because it is JUST so complete that none are needed! It took some doing to get words flowing to even write this article!

Even more importantly, this is part of what the amazing cosmic cradle dynamic that is forming between June 15 and June 21st (see further cosmic cradle info) opens up to the entire collective consciousness on Earth right at the mid-point of the Ninth Wave! What an amazing Divine Intelligence orchestrated all of this!

There is soooo much that ties into this which I and Maia speak about in this video transmission as well. Things we have worked with over the years like the Phi Gate, the Opah, the Goddess Fold and MA'STAR, and the Platinum Ray which is also related to Sirian energies!

All of these amazing various grids, consciousness fields and dynamics are being woven into one whole living reality more than ever. It's part of the greater universalization that is now taking place in the Ninth Wave.

This video also includes a transmission on the higher meta-scientific nature of the Universal God/Goddess. This transmission expands our awareness around these concepts well beyond how we generally relate to them.

This represents a major conscious alignment that Master Menon offered in preparation for our Platinum Universal Goddess Ishkea's full embrace in the meditation portion of the video!

Video Transmission
Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess

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