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The New Earth Star
Temple of God Consciousness
by Simeon Chi'Ra 6/2/09

As we enter the New Earth Star (NES) ascended reality through its intermediary stage which Thoth refers to as Numis'OM, we will as a collective reality fully enter into the Metatronic Spiral of consciousness.

The Metatron is still a spiral dynamic, but its natural and very balanced movement will carry us fully into the full-blown toroidal field of pure God Consciousness that is beyond all spiralic evolutionary movements as we enter fully what Thoth calls the "Attasic Universe" with all aspects of our being.

Thus it is within the latter stages of the next upcoming cycle which we are referring to as the New Earth Star that we will collectively move into full realization of the pure God Consciousness that the geometric form of the torus represents.

There are, however, many souls in the collective of Earth's humanity who will lead the way by entering this phase of consciousness realization much sooner than the main body of consciousness.

It is easy to think that we will all finally be operating at the same level of awareness and consciousness once we enter the New Earth Star.

This is, however, not the case, at least not until the latter stages of that cycle. It is then that the unity factor will become so profoundly imprinted upon the experience of all the souls involved that the uniqueness of a soul's fundamental vibrational harmonics will blend so completely with the harmonics of the other soul's in the collective that a truly magnificent celestial symphony is formed.

After that all soul's in the collective will access the exact same level of awareness-consciousness and thus the ultimate realization found within the New Earth's Toroidal Temple of God Consciousness. We will then have collectively realized our "equality" on every level of being.

It is at this time right now in our collective evolutionary journey that we are being offered a unique window of opportunity to enter into the New Earth Toroidal Temple of God Consciousness.

We have an "Omega Point Resonance" currently with the next cycle of evolution. We can, if we choose, weave a thread through the Omega point of the New Earth Star reality and bring it back here into our current reality. This "weaving" creates a stronger continuity field between the ultimate potential at the final culmination of the whole New Earth Star cycle of evolution and our current time-space reality.

Thus I was guided to offer the "New Earth Toroidal Temple" Tele-Class and Attunement on June 7th, 2009. I labeled this a Tele-Class and Attunement because there is powerful transmission of energy, consciousness and information imparted that will allow you to "learn" vibrationally and thus help you better attune your DNA to the New Earth Star's latter stages of development in the here and now.

In truth this is also an initiation and an activation as have been all the other tele-events I have done recently. Through this transmission you will also learn about the relationship between Venus, Earth, Rigel, Sirius, the Cetaceans and the New Earth Star Toroidal Temple of Consciousness, as well as such topics as what Thoth calls the "Tashish, the Becomer," which relates to the activity of black holes and how they hold the toroidal temple format for entire dimensional aspects of the universe with multitudes of worlds enfolded within their event horizons.

My experience over the years is that when I relate these higher-dimensional realities from a place of having experienced them myself already, there is a very powerful transmission of energies that brings others present into that reality and it resonates all the way into their DNA at the cellular level.

This is what others have made me aware of regarding my work over time. If it were not for their feedback I would not really even know it because it happens very naturally within me as I reach out and bring others "into the fold" with me.

This activity also is very correlative to my Galactic Signature in the Dreamspell as the archetypes involved are de-lineated by Ariel Spilsbury in her Mayan Oracle book.

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