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9 Dimensions of the Heart, an energy art for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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Nine Dimensions of the Heart
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/20/11

In my article on Gaia's 22nd Galactic Birthday I briefly mentioned the 9 Dimensions of the Heart which we will be empowered to further unify through the harmonics of Sen'Su, the 2nd Sacred Tone that was sounded/activated on 12:22:11.

I speak to these 9 Dimensions of the Heart a bit more in the 12:22:11 Sen'Su Video transmission, but I was guided to share the basic outline of what they are as appears below.

The 9 Dimensions of the Heart

  • > Cosmic/Universal Heart > Oneness Love.
  • >> Solar Heart > Our Love Based Strength + Power.
  • >>> Lunar Heart > Our Love Based Feeling Nature.
  • >>>> Earth Heart > Our Love Based Emotional Nature and
          Human Expression.
    • Heart of Joy + Heart of Hope + Heart of Passion + Heart of Kindness + Heart of Peace

There is a teaching being given to me about these 9 Dimensions of the Heart. I will be working with them more in the near future. The basic understanding is that each dimension contains all those shown below it. In other words they nest inside of each other holographically.

This download on the 9 Dimensions of the Heart was first initiated when my beloved Shakti partner Karen Ani'Ra of the UK made 9 nesting hearts for me as a birthday present! She made them out of cloth which she had carefully selected, cut, and sewn together for each heart.

She called these the 9 Temples of Karen Ani'Ra's Heart! I show you some pictures of these in the Sen'Su video. I also speak to the process that she engaged in consciously and energetically defining her 9 Heart Temples. Karen Ani'Ra also shares more about that process herself!

This process will become part of a workshop we will be doing together to be entitled "Trust in Love." In this process you would be facilitated in creating/defining your own unique 9 Heart Temples from the archetypal 9 Dimensions of the Heart!

If you noticed, in the 9 Dimensions of the Heart outline shown above there is a distinction being made between the feeling nature and the emotional nature in the Lunar and Earth Hearts. That in and of itself is a bit of teaching as well!

Additionally, the five main expressions of the Earth Heart that were given to me as, Joy, Hope, Kindness, Passion and Peace, by Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, are what all human expressions of the heart are comprised of as vessels of that which is imparted through them by the higher dimensions of the heart.

So for example with compassion, this is actually a quality of the Cosmic/Universal Dimension of the Heart (Platinum Ray). It therefore would find its way into human experience and expression through ALL of the five primary expressions of the Earth Heart: Joy, Hope, Kindness, Passion and Peace.

I have been finding that it is quite unifying to simply embrace the holographic field of heart energy represented in the 9 Dimensions of the Heart that Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na shared with us.

The Metatronic Councils of Light are also indicating that the harmonics of Sen'Su, the 2nd Sacred Tone that was sounded/activated on 12:22:11, are such that the Ecstatic Union they are designed to elicit is rooted in the unification of these 9 Dimensions of the Heart. This is what brings together the higher and lower sensual natures, which are directly related to the heart.

In 12:22:11 Sen'Su video transmission you will be joining your beingness with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na and the Metatronic Councils of Light to experience the sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone (not dated).

You will thus become a living Oneness Love transducer for these harmonics to find greater resonance within our human collective. In so doing you will then also personally and more directly receive the Ecstatic Union of all 9 Dimensions of your Heart, at whatever the next level of that may be for you.

Sen'Su 12:22:11 Video Transmission
Sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone

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