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Nine New Earth
Pure Consciousness Temples
by Simeon Chi'Ra

I love the way the universe works! I was bringing through the "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" program and the Metatronic Councils of Light dropped this little nine temples gem right into the middle of everything!

I spoke previously about the Nine New Earth Crystalline Circuitry Resonance Keys that we work with in this workshop. These are meant to be fairly easy moment to moment "in the flow" resonance building, access and alignment tools that work the Nine New Earth Pure Consciousness Temples.

So what are these temples? In brief they are Temples of Pure Consciousness that have been created by the Metatronic Councils of Light specifically for our world reality. They are meant to greatly facilitate the process of our collective consciousness on Earth moving into the Universal and Unified Consciousness the Ninth Wave's Rainbow is developing at a phenomenal rate right now.

These Temples of Pure New Earth Consciousness are not given a specific "form" in the etheric as are many of the other etheric temples we have been working with for some time.

Rather they are "built" of pure Metatronic star-energy patterns that represent the foundation of the patterns of energy and consciousness that are needed to create our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry on all levels of our existence as human beings embodied on Earth.

Ultimately these star-energy patterns originate from the Great Central Sun. However there is an intermediary celestial known as the Golden Star of Mazuriel which modulates these Metatronic star-energy patterns for use as New Earth consciousness.

The Golden Star of Mazuriel is our primary collective consciousness access point into what Thoth refers to as the "Attasic Universe." My kindred Maia has written the following about the Attasic Universe and the Golden Star of Mazuriel:

Thoth on the Attasic Universe: a neutral universal field that holds the balance between the universe and anti-universe ... the unified field of all consciousness where there is no separation...

All time fields and universal strata striking a harmonic in the center of the soul’s Atoma or ‘inner heart sun’, which is the composite of all seven chakras...

The entrance point for the souls of earth and their universal realm into the Attasic Universe is the "Golden Star of Mazuriel..." 

Metatron has indicated to me that there is a collective consciousness "flash point." This is where the quality and strength of the resonance between human consciousness and these star-energy patterns determines when the flash point will ignite.

This ignition is not solely based on the number of people moving into greater resonance with these star-energy patterns, although that can be a factor. The primary component involved is the quality and strength of resonance for each resonant human being's consciousness.

This means that even a small number of people can ignite this flash point IF the quality and strength of their resonance is high enough. This is more of a qualitative approach than a quantitative one and I resonate very strongly with it, how about you? (contact me and let me know)

The Nine New Earth Consciousness Temples and their correlative Nine New Earth Crystalline Circuitry (NECC) Resonance Keys are offered by the Metatronic Councils of Light for helping us reach the quality and strength of resonance necessary to ignite this collective flash point! Metatron has indicated that even a very small group of people can accomplish this.

I am really inspired and excited by this new development and the associated tools being offered us! As I have been working with it major things are happening... very deeply refined and sublime energies of New Earth consciousness just come pouring in at times evoking deep and powerful feelings of already being in the New Earth right here and now. The New Earth is a state of being first and foremost after all.

In the "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" Program of Light we work with the Nine New Earth Crystalline Circuitry Resonance Keys, Heart Breathing, Core Energy Resonance, the Nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness and their associated Somatic Mudra Heart-Breath and Meridian Tapping exercises and more!

This program really delivers the Metatronic "rubber" onto the New Earth "road" so to speak too! It's meant to develop the epigenetic and neural physiological circuitry necessary to shift your entire experience of life on Earth to that of a New Earth human being!

Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry
3 videos, 7 eBooks, 18 hi-res images

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