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Nine Human Chakras of the Adam Kadmon Template fully activated, an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.

9 Ray + 9 Chakra Adam Kadmon Activation
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ Ascended Master Menon

As I was working to put together the program for the EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion video transmission all sorts of interesting and amazing information and energy has been downloading and flowing in. It's been quite the ride and experience and I have gone through yet another powerful transformation myself personally!

Master Menon was rapid-fire sending amazing tidbits of awareness into my field regarding the correlation between the 9 Cosmic Rays associated with the early stages of our New Earth, referred to as Numis'OM (off-site, by Maia).

He was also sending information and awareness through on the Adam Kadmon Template and its full activation within our collective. This is a significant part of what they are offering through this upcoming EL'Zohim 9 Ray New Earth Infusion - like OMG!!!

I did not know about this part when I first announced this video transmission and I have now made the adjustment in the online information about it.

I also just asked Ascended Master Menon to give me an "official transmission" I could share with you about this because all I had was scattered notes. So here it is!

Ascended Master Menon: the nine Master Souls of the Adam Kadmon, the nine primary energy centers in the human body (identified by some highly esoteric chakra systems including some versions of the ancient Hindu Brahman system) and the 9 Rays and their associated EL'Zohim Intelligences administering the initial stage of the New Earth reality are all very closely related.

The Adam Kadmon Template was originally introduced into your Solar System and planetary consciousness as a nine-fold hologram through the nine Master Adam Kadmon Souls (off-site, by Maia) which hold its holographic presence in your system.

This template was then mirrored within the bio-energy fields of human form in your world. The initial 7 Cosmic Rays and their associated EL'Ohim fully energized the 7 centers or chakras that are quite well-known. This occurred through the master programming within your 7 planetary seals.

In other words the 7 common human energy centers or chakras have had their instructions in place within the overall planetary programming available. They have thus been properly energized, although their evolutionary progression has been largely dependent for most souls upon the sequential activation of the primary universal harmonics contained within them.

The other two human energy centers in this nine-fold template are the high-heart and the spleen (Golden Orb), They have not had the benefit of this programming being in place nor the full energization that such master programming supplies. It has been possible, however, for some more evolved souls such as Avatars and Masters to properly energize those centers and supply the necessary programming through their supra-consciousness alone.

This allowed them to fully activate their Adam Kadmon Template and once activated the process of sustaining an expanded higher consciousness that operates within the field of unity consciousness and oneness is much more easily accomplished. This in turn then lifts the entire field of consciousness on the planet.

The full activation of the nine center / body Adam Kadmon Template is now going to be occurring on a planetary scale on your Earth. The activation of the 9th Cosmic Ray (the 8th was activated at the same time as the 9th Universal Wave) will occur in synchronization with the activation of the 12th Heaven-Pulse of Light and your September Equinox on 9.23.11.

The completion of the activation of all 72 primary ray-strands within each of your original 7 Cosmic Rays (more info on these 'ray bundles' in the video transmission) will be completed with the sounding of the 7 Sacred Harmonic Tones (correlative with the sounding of the 7 Angel's Trumpets in Revelation), the last of which will be sounded on 12.13.13.

During this period of time the full activation of the Adam Kadmon Template and the remaining two of its energy centers will take place on a planetary scale. The consciousness of the individual will need to be able to assimilate the new programming and energization within these energy centers to make full use of it. Yet, there will be a new energy potential there continually making its presence known in various ways.

The Metatronic Councils of Light and the new order of nine-fold EL'Ohim Intelligence which has now become present within your planetary matrix, the EL'Zohim which are part of the Zohar Master Intelligences (off-site, by Maia), are offering a specific highly focused infusion of these New Earth 9 Ray energies to help bring the full Adam Kadmon Template into activation for all souls on Earth who wish to receive this gift.

The first 9 Ray infusion will be sent forth into your planetary ether and collective on 9.23.11. After this the infusion will be generally available to any who ask for and/or open to it in their own way. Those who engage this transmission (video) from 9.23.11 shall be within the primary streaming and will help anchor it for all beings on your planet.

I say now that you shall have all that you need to gracefully transform your world very soon. The song of so many hearts on Earth has been heard on High.

In the Radiance of the Divine Flame of Love,
Ascended Master Menon

I speak in much more depth to the 9 human energy centers and the nature of the high-heart and spleen centers in their higher functioning and many other related dynamics in this video transmission.

You will also be introduced energetically to the full 33 Ray New Earth Hologram. Ascended Master Menon indicated that the activation of our 9th Ray was necessary to make this possible, and this occurred 9.23.11.

You will therefore have one of the first opportunities on our planet to experience this full 33 Ray New Earth Hologram in whatever way you are able to!

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