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The Ninth Rainbow
of Universal Consciousness
by Simeon Chi'Ra

The Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness

The other day I received a vision that is symbolically depicted in my energy-art above.

In this vision I saw eight arc-rainbows that were all arranged radially whereby they converged with each other at the center of their circular pattern like spokes in a wheel.

At their center was a circular Ninth Rainbow and a three-dimensional rainbow torus-sphere of light within the center of the Ninth Rainbow that held our Earth reality within it.

The nine harmonic wave movements or underworlds for evolving consciousness represented in the Mayan Calendar were each represented in one of these nine rainbows.

As the Ninth Wave's circular rainbow is formed and completes, the rainbow torus-sphere of Universal Consciousness will be birthed for the evolutionary movement of consciousness we have been experiencing on Earth.

Each of the rainbows of the previous eight harmonic waves have been developing as a light-form that is an arc, only a portion of a circle. They have thus far been incomplete in their ability to connect their own evolutionary time lines and energies back to their Infinity Source Point.

When the Ninth Wave's Rainbow is harmonically complete, all the other waves will complete as well, and the Ninth Wave's Rainbow will contribute the final harmonic encoding necessary to connect ALL of these eight other harmonic wave forms of evolution back into their original Infinity Source Point.

This will result in the full manifestation of the rainbow torus-sphere as depicted in my "The Ninth Rainbow" energy-art above! Exactly how long it will take humanity to align with and assimilate the Universal Consciousness the rainbow torus-sphere represents is unknown, we are co-creators moreso than ever after the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28, 2011 (according to Calleman's calculations)!

This visionary awareness also relates very powerfully to what Thoth transmitted to my kindred Maia many years ago regarding what he termed the "Oritron" and the "Metatron." In this conceptual model of the universe the Oritron is the aspect of the universe that represents the "incomplete" light spectrum and the Metatron is the aspect of the universe that represents the "full" or "complete" light spectrum.

In simple terms using our rainbow theme as an analogy, we could think of the Oritron as a rainbow that is an arc, only a portion of a full circle. In this analogy the Metatron is then a rainbow that forms a full circle, a sphere, or a torus - or any combination thereof. Circular shapes connect back to their Source Point.

The primary difference from this analogy is that we are speaking of a much broader spectrum of light frequencies than that which can be seen with our human eyes in a rainbow. We are in fact speaking of the light frequencies of consciousness itself. Yet this universal principle still applies.

The way in which we relate to the evolution of consciousness on Earth usually involves our perceptions of the movement of consciousness energies and frequencies towards their completion. This occurs by connecting them all back to their Infinity Source Point - closing the circle so to speak. This in turn provides final and full liberation of our evolving consciousness into the Metatronic aspects of the universe. Its what we have all be working so diligently to achieve!

There are higher evolutionary cycles taking place within the Metatronic aspects of the universe as well, but their nature is very different. I speak to these in my Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness Web'Cosm Transmission (a more apropo term than webinar!) in which we attuned to, worked with, and celebrated the long awaited activation of the Ninth Universal Harmonic Wave of Consciousness Evolution's Circular Rainbow on March 9th, 2011.

Once consciousness completes its Oritronic evolution and begins fully functioning within the Full Light Spectrum of the Metatronic aspect of the universe, the nature of its focus of energy expenditure also shifts. The evolutionary energy it then expends is related completely to co-creation of new reality systems within the universal field of consciousness.

This is a very different movement and expenditure of energy than our previous evolutionary efforts have been. Up until now a significant portion of our evolutionary energy has been quite strongly focused upon completing fundamental harmonic wave forms of consciousness and connecting them all back to their Infinity Source Point. This has been necessary in order to move forward into the New Earth reality.

We have been progressively experiencing this shift in focus of energy expenditure increasingly now for several thousand years on the planet. However, we are now on the final rocket ride into and through the manifestation of the Ninth Wave's Rainbow of Universal Delights which completes on 10/28/11!

This will supply the final light-encoding and wave harmonics necessary to create our rainbow torus-sphere. The rainbow torus-sphere will then give us passage into the Metatronic aspect of the Universe far more easily than we have been accustomed to.

Within the Metatron, Universal Consciousness is fully accessible from within that evolutionary domain. This will be quite different than having to expend energy to access other evolutionary domains by crossing dimensional membranes like we have been used to doing.

As a result of this recent visionary experience, I have also now become much more aware of how the Mayan Calendar and its Nine Harmonic Waves of Consciousness Evolution are also related to the recent development of the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi I have been experiencing and sharing in various ways with you.

What I have now come to realize is that the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) is a localized pre-manifestation of the rainbow torus-sphere within the human magnetic and physical bodies facilitated by our Higher Solar Logos (999 Cube of Stars and the Blue Star Rigel in Orion).

Along with this revelation I was also then guided to facilitate a group matrix that will work with Archangel Arhaiel and our Christic Sun-Spirit for the purpose of further developing the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi in the human experience - both personal and collective.

This will be accomplished through ongoing direct matrix transmissions and infusions of energy from Archangel Arhaiel. This matrix is now ready for you to participate in and has been named the "Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmission Matrix."

On March 9th, 2011 in the "Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness" Web'Cosm Transmission (webinar) I facilitated a transmission of energy to help align and prepare for the development of the upcoming Ninth and Final Wave's Rainbow.

The Ninth Rainbow will connect the other eight rainbows back to their Infinity Source Point and thus form the rainbow torus-sphere! Its going to be a very quick ride too...

The better our understanding of, and harmonic attunement to these energies and frequencies, the more we will be empowered ride this powerful final wave all the way into the beach of Universal Consciousness which gives us passage into that new land.

From there we can witness the Ninth Rainbow glimmering in the mists of the Sea of Infinity as the Divine Light shines through them!

Experience the timeless energy of this activation, attunement and celebration of one of the most amazing dynamics we could ever hope to experience!

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