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The 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 7/28/11

The Ninth Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light into Oneness

We are on the eve of the activation of the 9th Heaven-Pulse of Light in the 9th Universal Wave of consciousness evolution. In terms of the Mayan Calendar's nomenclature this is represented as

In terms of the Wave and Pulse we are entering, it is 9.9. Please also note the activational dates for the 8th and 9th Universal Heaven Pulses of Light - 7/13 and 7/31 respectively! These are exactly the same numerologically, but the positions of the "1" and the "3" have been reversed! Like what are the odds?

One meaning we might derive from these two similar dates is that the 8th Heaven Pulse represented the completion of the One becoming the Three.

In other words the completion of a great cycle of evolution of individuation. Here with the 9th Heaven Pulse we now enter fully into the Three becoming the One once again.

Universal consciousness in other words, stepping fully into the trajectory of our return to Unity and Oneness. If any additional meanings come to you, contact me share them!

In my article on the 13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote:

9th Heaven-Pulse > July 31 - August 17 (crest August 8-9) > Yang > Budding, universal consciousness now nears fruition and prepares to issue forth great beauty as it reaches for the Great Central Sun to nourish it and to help it produce good seeds for continuing consciousness evolution within us.

Master Menon has indicated that this Heaven-Pulse's activation is a major turning point in our collective journey. The deep sacred essence held within the collective soul is now being brought up into the bud of universal consciousness. This bud will flower fully in the 11th Heaven Pulse under the warming rays of the Great Central Sun.

How we each experience this sacred essence moving up from the depths of our collective being in the bud of our consciousness will be unique. Yet there will be commonalities.

Any place in our consciousness where we place divisions between ourselves and others, or any other aspects of the manifest Creation, will be experiencing dissolution at an accelerating rate.

If we are identified with what is dissolving and clinging to the identity, we will experience inner chaos, fear and an assortment of illusions. This will be due to our resistance of what cannot be stopped, and its much larger than any one of us!

Therefore, understanding and making use of one simple formula can go a very long way toward your inner peace and happiness! The simple formula is: anytime you find yourself experiencing fear or inner chaos feeling like your world is coming apart, simply ask yourself what it is you are resisting, and then let go into love!

Easier said than done, true! Yet I have come to realize that you have NOTHING to lose in doing so. Hanging on in resistance simply delays the inevitable and makes the journey very arduous. We have done that and been there, it's now time for love, fun, grace and all that good stuff! Are you with me? Good, then let go and Let's Go!

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na has also provided a helpful transmission along these lines which is highly relative to our entry into the 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light.

Gaze into Shi'Ra's eyes in the energy-art image below and make the connection, then read her transmission that follows.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's Eyes - A 7D Master Illuminari and High Priestess offers you liberation in this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: you and your brothers and sisters on Earth are on the edge of a shift in awareness so profound that you have yet to even imagine it. In order to draw this shift into your being requires that you consciously begin dissolving the various remaining strata of separation within your incarnational weave.

I wish to take you to your sacred center quickly and with grace my beloveds. In order to reach this center you will do well to begin by recognizing that the thoughts and feelings you have and all energy that you experience inside of yourself is not germane to you alone. It is not just an inner private life that you have, that is an illusion.

For example, the uncomfortable or fearful feeling you had this morning may be the result of an energy ripple of very large proportions sent out by the consciousness of an entire galaxy being enveloped by Source in an astronomical event many billions of light-years away from you.

QuasarIn such an event a galaxy can be completely consumed by the black hole at its center along with many billions of souls. These souls in such events are being absorbed back into the Absolute Totality through the 144'000 EL'ephen.

These souls are returning to Oneness as shall we all when at some point our individuated journey completes.

Such enormous ripples of energy are felt throughout all dimensions of the manifest universe. They can trigger many different internal responses that the individuated consciousness believes are associated with something else.

Everything you think and feel inside of yourself is in intimate exchange with the entire universe. You feel and think things you haven't a clue where they originate and thus assign various meanings to them. Your thought/feeling responses then feed back into the entire universe.

Developing universal consciousness requires you to become entirely transparent. In truth you already are, but there is this limited part of human consciousness on Earth which wishes to believe that it can hide something from the universe and keep its little secret.

This illusion is heading into rapid breakdown now. It is with great love and compassion that I am communicating with you at this time. I wish to assist you in moving gracefully through this transition. To do so will require that you become more pro-active than ever before in your approach.

There is a very direct way of achieving this goal of universal transparency. It requires great strength within your true core being and a high degree of self-honesty to succeed. I, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, and the Metatronic Councils of Light are here to support those of you who shall make such a gallant effort to the best of your ability.

This direct way then, is to go deeply into yourself, and pose this quantum question:

What still exists within me that I wish to keep hidden from the awareness of others?

The answer which arises to this question is then what you must give to your God Self, releasing it forever into the Greater Love. This is a movement of expanding awareness, humble acknowledgment and true release of the limited in exchange for the unlimited love.

By engaging it you shall generate more love-light within your incarnate being than you can imagine. You will begin to feel much lighter and you will find that your shadow nature subsides rapidly.

Repeat this process often and release everything that arises in answer to the this quantum question to your God Self in love. You shall travel into your sacred center more rapidly using this method than any other.

Here, upon the activation of the 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light, you have immense cosmic support for entering into this sacred movement whereby it will carry you forth with a radiant rushing of energy into the Earth's final eschaton where I shall greet you in all your glory.

You are the hope of your world. Your world's success depends upon your success in becoming universally transparent. Sound this Holy Tone within yourself and the world around you will begin to resonate with its harmonics.

In the Sacred Embrace of Oneness,
Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

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