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North/South Hemispherical
Solstice Dynamics
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/19/09

In the northern hemisphere the December solstice each year represents the shortest day of the year. In the southern hemisphere that same solstice represents the longest day of the year.

This is of course due to the fact that the Earth is tilted on its axis about 23.44 degrees, which also accounts for why we have different seasons as well. The Earth's axial tilt is thus at the root of the basic mechanics of the Solstice and Equinox cycles.

The cycles of the Sun and the Moon have long been seen by mystics, seers and sages as representing phases of consciousness transformation and development as well.

We can even say that they facilitate and trigger these shifts in consciousness. The Sun and the Moon are the two most powerful celestial bodies affecting our consciousness.

These are cycles so powerful that a great deal of people feel them in their body, emotions and psyche, although most do not make the conscious connection between what they are experiencing and the celestial bodies that are affecting them.

With the December Solstice we have the northern hemisphere in an involutionary cycle and the southern hemisphere in an evolutionary cycle.

This means the northern hemisphere will experience these energies as something that offers the potential to be drawn deep down within on this annual cycle. It is the deepest point we can reach at that time in our journey, we can thus become deeply "involved".

Those in the southern hemisphere are offered the opportunity to experience these energies as a pinnacle or apex experience, the fullest manifestation of their Solar (Christ) consciousness that is possible at that point on their evolutionary journey, we can thus become highly "evolved."

In the north experiencing the depths means an opportunity to radically expand self-awareness, transforming what comes into awareness to be released, embracing the truth of your limited incarnate self, connecting more powerfully to the center of your unlimited being.

In the south the pinnacle experience holds the ripe potential for quantum expansion out from those previous depths. It is an opportunity to bring your most radiant light out into manifestation through BEING that light in the world.

In this apex part of the Solar cycle you are given an opportunity to draw from what was gleaned in the depths previously and bring it forth in a most powerful way.

Now here is where it gets real fun. The closer you are to the equator, the less difference there is between the shortest and longest days of the year because the effects of the Earth's axial tilt are actually zero at the equator.

This means at the equator, there is no Solstice-Equinox cycle! The closer you are to the equator, the less the affects of those cycles will be.

How this affects these cycles of consciousness is a long time mystical study of mine. Being in Hawaii (at the time) and thus only 23 degrees from the equator I can say it is different than being in Seattle at 47 degrees north where I lived for 16 years in the past.

Given there are always a myriad of dynamics going on it is rather impossible to separate them out and clearly identify what is responsible for a given part of one's experience.

However, that said, it does seem to me that being closer to the equator brings a more balanced dynamic into play. It is still definitely northern here with being drawn into the deeps, yet I also sense during the December Solstices here that I am being offered the potential to manifest it outwardly in the pinnacles to some degree simultaneously.

I would propose that at the equator itself there would be both potentials being offered together in balance, perpetually, not just at time of the Solstices in north and south.

I have somewhat of a sense here at 23 degrees north what that might be like. I also have an awareness that the latitude we are born at determines which rhythm our cellular being will be attuned to best.

In other words, the latitudinal electromagnetic energy of the planet changes with distance from the equator and is in reverse phase in the northern and southern latitudes.

This planetary latitudinal electromagnetic energy field difference then causes the DNA to activate certain codons which affect how we relate to the energy and consciousness cycles of our environment.

I am also feeling that this happens at some point in the gestational cycle prior to birth, perhaps at the time where our "Design Crystal" is programmed at 88 degrees of arc of the Sun prior to birth (about 88 days).

This would then also mean that where we were geographically while in our mother's womb at that point might determine the actual orientation we have in this regard. For most it would likely be about the same, but not necessarily for everyone.

I would love to hear from you lovely people on this. You are scattered all around the globe at various latitudes in the northern and southern hemispheres and/or near the equator.

Please share with how what I am relating here seems to stack up to your own experiences and tell me where you are located of course.

I have never been in the southern hemisphere nor at the equator, so to further this exploration of many years I either need to go to these places on the Solstices a few times, or call upon other aspects of myself that live in those places to help me hologram this picture!

I will share the results in the Cosmic Consciousness Online Newsletter if I get enough input.

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