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Perfecting the Dance of God/Goddess
in the 13th Galactic Heaven
by Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid 10/26/10

In my previous article on the Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven, I related how the powerful galactic consciousness energy pulse of the 8th or Galactic Wave in the Mayan Calendar, was largely about balancing polarity.

There are many polarities operating within the dualistic aspects of our world. If we wish to bring them all into balance it is most efficient to look to the primary polarities that underlie all the others. In bringing the primary polarities into balance everything else follows.

In our world the primary polarities that underpin all others are the feminine/masculine energies. These polarities exist also on a number of different levels of reality. At the higher levels of reality, which is the abode of our True Essential Nature, these are the supernal God/Goddess energies.

At this higher level the God/Goddess are in an eternal embrace as they dance the cosmic dance with perfect choreography. They move as one, yet there are two distinct energies present. Just as with two professional dancers or figure skaters, each partner has a specific role.

One may lead and the other may follow. They may even head in opposite  directions and make coordinated but distinctly different movements. All movements the duo makes, however, are always choreographed to serve a singular purpose without conflict. They are always in perfect harmony when their choreography is executed correctly.

Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within our incarnate being involves opening to what is already present in our True Nature. This perfected balance already exists in our most expanded aspects of being.

The energy pulse of the 13th Galactic Heaven is going to greatly assist us in aligning our material plane forms, human and otherwise, to what already exists at a higher dimensional level. This will elicit a de-polarization process as the 'vibrational distance' between our imbalanced human masculine/feminine energies and our higher-dimensional God/Goddess energies are offered alchemical transmutation.

The potential offered through this alignment and its attendant alchemy is the perfecting of the Dance of our God/Goddess within at the human level, both individually and collectively.

By consciously aligning ourselves to this incoming 13th Galactic Heaven's energy pulse we can more easily assume a powerful conscious role in our individual and collective evolution.

The balancing of these two primary polarities make take some time to be made fully manifest outwardly in our collective environment. This balance can, however, be made quite fully manifest with ourselves somewhat ahead of the curve.

This in turn will uplift the entire collective environment and provide a much needed foundation of stability within a new paradigm that is neither God nor Goddess centric, but rather where these two primary energies in manifestation are in perfected harmony with each other.

I will be sharing much more on all of these dynamics in my upcoming "Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven" Tele-Transmission as well as guiding our group through a meditational process to align our individual and collective being to the energy pulse of the 13th Galactic Heaven and ultimately to the Perfected Dance of the God/Goddess within.

Because of the great importance of this particular work to the collective evolution, I have been guided to also open this tele-transmission up so anyone can participate regardless of their ability to pay. You will see a notice to that effect posted on my web page for this event now (near the bottom). I am also directly letting all of you in my global community know about this new development.

I will also be humble and relate to everyone that I am like many of the rest of you working very hard to pay my bills, and these events take a lot of time and energy to put together, so please offer what you can, if you can. Nobody shall be denied participation though because of lack of funds to pay make a love offering.

I would also ask anyone that has the ability to make a donation larger than the actual value of the tele-transmission to tune in and see if you are being guided to help support me in supporting others in this way. Anyone can also help me network ths event to others and that can help support it and people who are participating as well.

This type of more fluid approach in the way we conduct things on a business level is very powerful transformation in and of itself. It represents a grounding of higher universal principles in the realm of human action.

The universal principles I speak of are about unity and larger circles of exchange that allow energy to flow more fluidly amongst us. This type of energy can help escort us out of our personalized versions of reality where much pain of separation exists. We are all one in truth. Therefore we need to start finding ways to really live that reality for it to become part of the world we are embodied within.

We all want it to happen. Let's do it together, it isn't going to happen otherwise. We cannot achieve unity consciousness while just continuing to operate in separation while praying for something else. Prayer is powerful, but we have to back it up with aligned action on the manifest plane.

I have in the past and will continue to do all I can along these lines. If I were manifesting more of my unlimited beingness with absolute and unlimited trust I could step forth and just offer everything I have to offer to people regardless of their ability to pay. This is my objective loved ones. I keep working towards it, and I take full responsibility for all the challenges I face in implementing it.

However, together, we can advance this consciousness movement forward much more quickly and for all of us. This means that if you have the ability to pay more than the suggested love offering, then you may wish to consider doing so to enable some other aspect of you to benefit also.

Conversely, if you do not have the money to pay for the lowest amount listed on the sliding fee scale online (which has just been lowered considerably), step forth and say so without any shame or blame, there are lots of valid reasons why any one of us may at times find ourselves in such situations. Open to being loved and supported dear ones.

The primary thing here is to attune to your inner voice and see if you are being called to participate in this event to help our collective being achieve greater balance in the Masculine/Feminine energies so we can experience more of the perfect choreography written by our own Divine Intelligence and Beingness, within ourselves and our world.

Everything I am relating about this more fluid exchange dynamic is part of this balancing of polarity in and of itself.

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Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!!

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