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Phenomenal Photo of Blue Star Kachina
Sedona on 12/12/09
written by Simeon Chi'Ra 03/07/11

Photo of Return of the Blue Star Kachina at Sedona

Since I shared my recent channeling about the Return of the Blue Star Kachina I have received quite a few interesting comments and feedback. The most striking thing that has been shared with me is the above photograph taken in Sedona on 12/12/09.

This young woman Elle (makka-da on lightworkers.org) sent me a private message and shared this photograph (and gave me permission to use it) asking me about what I thought it was. Tashab'va (the Orion Blue Fire Command) was immediately present and gave me the following for her:

...this is a rather rare manifestation of the Blue Star Kachina blue needles penetrations. You have some Blue Star connections... there is a star lineage connection there for you.

 ...you also have some Earthen genetics that are either connected to the Hopi or very resonant with their lineage.

Ths combination of your personal energies along with the energy fields at  Sedona (on 12/12/10) produced this amazing manifestation of the Blue Star Kachina...

 ...this is more the type of manifestation of the Blue Star Kachina that the Hopi Wisdom Keepers used to see regularly in very ancient times... they used to see them in a larger form and this is similar to what that was...

 After I had written this  short bit out for Elle, I also received a transmission that expanded on this phenomenon. I shared that in more depth in the  Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness Web'Cosm Transmission.

 For this article I will just say that this is what Tashab'va is calling a "hyper-dimensional" manifestation whereby multi-dimensional aspects of various time-lines, hyper-space energy fields and higher-lower dimensional realities all converge opening a wormhole in space-time whereby higher-light vehicles may enter more easily. 

 As a result one form of the very ancient manifestations of the Blue Star Kachina appeared momentarily in our current time-space reality! This manifestation has woven a light-trace from those ancient times into our future through our present.  This photo brought up such deep emotion for me...

 Tashab'va was so very present in the Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness Web'Cosm Transmission (webinar). Maia created a new special attunement shield for the Orion Blue Fire Command that is truly stunning and electric and this is used in the webinar when she speaks to us about the Tashab'va, the Orion Blue Fire Command.

 Hope you will join us for this energy!

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