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Powerful Pre-Solstice New Moon
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/17/09

The energy of the new moon yesterday was incredibly powerful here. Given what people have been saying what was happening for them it appears that it was powerful for many others as well.

This New Moon window comes just before the upcoming Solstice which begins the annual solar cycle anew. The New Moon energies we are experiencing right now are very aligned to the whole upcoming Solstice transformational dynamics as well.

Cayelin Castell writes about this New Moon in her Celestial Timings astrological newsletter (relates a shamanic astrological perspective - highly recommended):

...This New Moon seed point is near the Galactic Center and the Moon is crossing the Galactic cross a few hours later while also accessing the transformative power of Pluto (2 Capricorn 47).

This sets up an opportunity to further deepen our commitment to the power and magic of living the truth of our being for the purpose of promoting love and joy in ways that are most beneficial for all life. Attending to the hurts, wrongs, mistakes and issues of the past through embracing them, forgiving them and incorporating the gifts they have for us as the medicine we carry.

This time includes the power of the New Moon supporting any new beginnings happening now especially when we are taking authentic action through surrender, forgiveness and release of the past...

Hoo boy, has that ever been true! Remember now also that the upcoming Solstice is aligned very closely to galactic center with Pluto in Capricorn as a major player, and that this New Moon sets the stage for the new Solar Cycle beginning at Solstice, which in turn ushers us through the Twelfth Heaven and into the final Thirteenth Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement in the Mayan Calendar later in 2010!

I REALLY felt the energies lining up within me in preparation for this coming Solstice. There was verrrry deep transformation taking place, some things that surprised even me came up to be processed through my matrix the last two days.

If you are looking for deep transformation as part of your preparation for 2012 and beyond, this upcoming Solstice energy transmission is shaping up to be all of that and more.

Until Solstice and forever thereafter: run silent, run deep, and be true to your essence!

Embrace of the Cosmic Mother
Energy Channeling Transmission

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