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The Pure Gem Body
by Simeon Chi'Ra 5/6/09

The following information is quoted from Maia Alaula Kamala's "Pure Gem Codex" which she inter-dimensionally translated in 1976 and is currently available in its full form at the link I provide at the end of this article:

The pure gem is a vibrational melding of etheric wave and human. . . The whole of the Earth and the physical body of mankind will eventually align their molecular atomic rotation to the etheric level of the Pure Gem.

As light is reflected in the prismatic form of a gem, so the sequence of atomic structure will form facets in the genetic structure of man, regulating the diffraction of spiritual energies to encompass the total spectrum of etheric rays. . . (i.e. multi-dimensional collective genetic re-genesis)

The prismatic lines of light conform to the surface levels of the directive flow of cosmic energy. When entering the Earth dimension, cosmic energy crystalizes its directive channels.

That is not to say that the energy itself is crystalized, for cosmic actions are never frozen in time, but the directive or purpose of that energy in its geometric conformity to universal law is suggested by the crystalized, prismatic state of the Pure Gem.

The mind of man is able to fuse his consciousness with these directives, and through the relativity of his needs, release his divine potential through signals of geometric, prismatic lines of thought-energy. . .

The Pure Gem is therefore a synthesis of soul presence and human behavior, which when realized forms a pure structure, a line of action on the physical plane that is in perfect alignment with the energized intelligence of man. . .

Through incarnation the soul will multiply and grow (evolve) it's 'quality' of presence within specific manifested forms. It will then be able to interact physically with spiritual properties more precisely and effectively. (physically here means on any level of manifest reality, and Light is in the manifest realms)

Man will thus find his world in the highest phase of its physical evolution, that point of cosmic chemistry which is the last vestige of atomic gravitation binding the soul.

Enveloped in the etheric plane, man and his world will become a finely faceted state of purification before the release of his physical nature. As individual souls evolve into higher stages of existence, so does the Earth as a whole.

The Pure Gem state is the final collective effort of Earth's incarnate souls to achieve physical unity within an etheric perspective. The physical body inhabited by such souls will become ONE with the whole spectrum of the soul's greater being.

Through his pure gem state, man will ultimately realize the multiple characters of his soul and utilize the experiences of his past and future selves. . .

The Pure Gem Body is something that is naturally developing within human experience. It is the composite body we will use in the New Earth Star ascended reality.

The Strallilium Light Radials are the sparks of Divine Re-genesis that will recode our genetics with far-future-memory so that we will in fact be informed on an essential level as to where our journey takes us next as it unfolds.

This cosmic activity provides the sacred geometric inner planes map we need to move into what now feels like the "void" and understand its basic essence and directives.

The Strallilium shall be ignited into a highly excited state for a period of 144 days following the release of the massive pulse from Hunab-Ku on May 11th.

This period of excitation will unfold in 12 "quantums" of 12 days each. In the Pure Gem Body Tele-Activation I  facilitated on Sunday, May 10th, 2009, we worked consciously with the first of these quantums and this one anchors all the rest for those who participate and as well, for the collective soul.

I have seen that when the massive pulse of energy from Hunab-Ku infuses the Strallilium Light Radials interacting with our Pure Gem Body there will be an effect similar to the aurora borealis wherein the Strallilium will start to strobe and dance in a highly excited state thereby penetrating the denser membranes of our cellular consciousness thus shifting the entire vibrational context for which our entire DNA genetic program operates within.

This in turn will activate the DNA encodings we currently carry into their next octave of expression as we are thrust quite powerfully into another level of unfoldment of our full potential as Divine Beings inhabiting limited forms in order to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of love in the Universal Heart to the benefit of all beings.

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