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Sha'alura with Ascended Master Lord Menon, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.<

Sha'alura Cosmic Wave 2012
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 7/19/12
w/ Ascended Master Lord Menon

I have been experiencing some verrrry different cosmic energies as we approach the Sha'alura Cosmic event on 7/23/12 that Maia Kyi'Ra began channeling information on back in 2009.

Read Maia Kyi'Ra's Sha'alura Info

Because of my experiences this last week, and the work I have been facilitating with the sounding of the 7 Sacred Tones, I went to Ascended Master, and Sirian Solar Lord Menon, and asked him a question about this Sha'alura Cosmic Event to expand my understanding. Lord Menon's answer went far beyond my expectations and I am sharing the results of this exchange with him below:

Simeon Chi'Ra: How does the "Holy Tone" ThothHorRa speaks of through Maia Kyi'Ra, and which will emanate from within the molten core of our planet when the Sha'alura cosmic wave hits, relate to the sounding of the 7 Sacred Tones we have been working with since 11:11:11?

Lord Menon: These are related but different cosmic dynamics. The 7 Sacred Tones are designed and created by the Metatronic Councils of Light as a means to further unify and activate the New Earth programming that is now present within the Earth's 7 Planetary Seals. They also thus unify Earth's collective.

The Holy Tone which will emerge from within the Earth's Holy of Holies as the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave passes through Gaia's Heart was initiated by the Angelic Lights some time ago. It is a timing and re-programming wave that is affecting many world systems in a coordinated and progressive fashion. Sha'alura will reprogram the existing Planetary Logica, or logic circuitry, so that it moves into far greater harmonic resonance with the New Earth programming in place within Earth's currently existing 7 Planetary Seals now.

Sha'alura is a preparation for the Earth's energy system to then take on two additional Planetary Seals which she has never had previously. The early stages of the New Earth Hologram will require a 9 Planetary Seal system to fully facilitate. More information will be given on this in time.

The Planetary Logica is a combination of an archetypal logic pattern created by the EL'Ohim of your system and the logic patterns created by the evolutionary journey of Earth's collective. All creatures upon the Earth are within her collective, this is not just the human collective I am speaking to.

The existing patterns within your Planetary Logica are currently needing to go through a phase shift in order to facilitate the continued evolutionary journey of Earth's collective into the New Earth Hologram of consciousness.

The Planetary Seals hold harmonic encoding which are similar to computer software programs. The Planetary Crystallex Grid is like her hard drive. The Planetary Logica is akin to the type of language being used in her operating system.

You could relate to the Sha'alura re-programming of the Planetary Logica as being similar to the language being used in Earth's operating system moving from a binary language into a trinary language. Instead of the base logic circuits on the Earth using a bi-polar dualistic polarity system they will soon use a trinary polarity system.

Up until this point in the evolution of consciousness on Earth, you as humans beings had to supply the third point of logic for Earth's collective. You had to strive and endeavor to sense it and anchor it within your being. This required a great deal of energy and effort.

After the Sha'alura event occurs on 7/23/12 upon your linear timeline this third reference point or polarity will be hard coded into your Planetary Logica. As your collective journey unfolds from that point the bastions of duality on your planet will begin to reorient into a far more stable and sustainable structure of reality.

This structure of reality is one that Masters, Sages, Saints and enlightened human beings have held within themselves for the collective previously. You can therefore relate to Sha'alura as demarking a major turning point in the enmasse enlightenment of the collective on Earth.

This enmasse planetary enlightenment movement will unfold over a period of time, it will not be instantaneous. Although in terms of previous evolutionary movements on Earth it will be quite rapid. Many who currently have fixed ideas about how it will or should occur will be challenged to release those ideas as the immensity of a new Reality begins to loom upon the horizons of human experience.

Those who have been holding these trinary non-dualistic reference points for Earth's collective will be liberated from doing so and shall move into exploring other reality zones more deeply within the New Earth Hologram of reality maintaining their roles as pioneers for their collective.

Those who have strongly polarized identities will begin to lose this old sense of self and begin to form a new sense of a more balanced self. This will be quite disorienting for awhile to those with a highly polarized sense of self.

As a result of this ongoing shift there will be a lot of polarities on Earth which then find proper balance. This will have a major impact on the current efforts to re-structure your world's economic system. Currently this is taking place within a highly polarized construct of reality.

As the Planetary Logica shifts into trinary mode on 7/23/12, the illusions present within the polarized approaches will become more obvious to those who are responsible for the restructuring. It is highly likely that this will result in some rather unusual and unexpected solutions emerging from the ranks of the world banking cartel.

The Inner Light Network (ILN) is poised and ready with a host of less polarized solutions to be introduced within the banking cartel's inner circles in various ways after Sha'alura occurs.

Simeon Chi'Ra: I was given the date of 7/22/12 by the Metatronic Councils of Light for the Temple of Hu'Mem ~ All Flowing Together Wholeness transmission. This is the day before the Sha'alura Cosmic Event, can you comment on how these relate?

Lord Menon: those who feel the inner call to participate in the Temple of Hu'Mem transmission are being offered the opportunity to consolidate what are commonly referred to in your world as "soul fragments." In truth, no such thing as soul fragmentation is actually possible. These are therefore energy programs the soul has initiated and kept running for various reasons. These active programs exist in many aspects of space-time and many dimensions of reality.

The work that has been done on Earth with healing soul fragmentation has dealt with these various programs in various ways, some more effectively than others. The soul is a form of Master Intelligence. It has had and always will have purpose in keeping such programs running. When a being is called to work with calling in their "soul fragments," this is in fact in response to the Master Intelligence of their Magna Soul.

The Magna Soul of course can close these programs down or initiate new ones as it desires. Yet there is purpose also in having a conscious aspect of a soul-ray projection responding and participating as a point of nexus. This activity in and of itself is a large part of the integrative processes required to elicit the experience of what you term "wholeness" on the physical plane of the Earth.

Those souls who are called to engage this process of multi-dimensional soul program (or fragment) consolidation with the Metatronic Councils of Light just prior to the arrival of the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave, are stepping forth to be part of the receptive vessel for this wave's energy.

The consolidation they shall effect with the Metatronic Councils of Light within their own soul programs through numerous aspects of space-time and dimensions of or beyond the Earth, will form a more cohesive matrix for the new Planetary Logica to gel within.

They will thus receive quite directly the patterns of the new trinary Planetary Logica and help integrate them into the patterns of Earth's collective when the Sha'alura Wave arrives shortly thereafter.

Well, talk about rocking our cosmic socks... Menon sure did that to mine!

I also asked Menon how this would work for people watching the Temple of Hu'Mem transmission's video after the 7/23/12 Sha'alura Wave passes through. He stated simply that these things actually operate outside the confines of linear time and that our intent to participate in planetary service always accesses those non-linear components.

Therefore, even years later one can place their soul into the matrix with the same result as if they had participated on 7/22/12. Sort of like time travel!

Hope you will tune in and see if you feel the call to engage this work of consolidating your soul fragments or programs. This obviously is about more than just concentrating your personal soul power more clearly within these current incarnations for your journey ahead... although it is surely that as well.

Engage the Temple of Hu'Mem Transmission Matrix

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