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The 6th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light
by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/07/11

If you have not done so previously, please read my article "13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light" to establish a proper context for this article.

The 6th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light in the current and final 9th Universal Wave of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar activates on June 7th, 2011.

This Heaven-Pulse is a Yin pulse and at its crest or mid-point also demarks the mid-point of the entire Ninth Universal Wave of consciousness evolution. This means that during this Heaven-Pulse of Light we will cross over the half-way point in our journey through the Ninth Universal Wave. Talk about acceleration... eeegads!

In my original article on the 13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote:

June 7 - 24 (crest June 15-16) > Yin > Assimilation and reflection upon the new foundation of universal consciousness emerging in our lives and in our world. This phase is also akin to watering the new shoot, watching and waiting for it to grow the extra roots necessary to support further growth.

Master Menon is indicating that this is a very important Heaven-Pulse for us to intently focus on entraining our minds and feelings to see and experience what IS happening in terms of universal consciousness development in our world and to make a final break from the dire negative outlook presented in the media if we have not already done so."

Expanding on this Menon relates to me that the 6th Heaven-Pulse of Light is the "Grand Mother" Heaven-Pulse of Universal Consciousness. What he means by this is that out of all the 117 Heaven-Pulses in the entire 16.4 billion year linear time span of the Mayan Calendar, this is the Heaven-Pulse of Light which can be most clearly considered to give true birth to universal consciousness in our world and the universe.

Keep in mind this is taking place all across the universe in every dimension of manifest reality and every world construct. From our perspective on Earth we tend to think of higher dimensions as being already within universal consciousness.

This is true in a relative sense, and the relativity involved is the key to understanding the macro-cosmic perspective on this evolutionary dynamic. Simply stated, even in higher dimensions of reality there is a movement towards even more expanded states of universal consciousness taking place.

As Source completes the harmonics of the "Divine Plan" the full register of universal consciousness becomes available across all strata of the manifest universe.

Exactly how each world system and reality interacts with and co-creates with these completed universal harmonics is unique unto that collective. As each collective reality system within the overall universal collective reality interacts with these harmonics they contribute to the universal hologram within the Totality that all world systems belong to.

The 6th Heaven-Pulse of Light offers us an opportunity here on Earth to expand our awareness in some very powerful ways. The thrust of this energy as Menon relates it, takes us into deeper strata of our duality to become aware and release some fundamental underpinnings of this separative state of awareness.

One of the primary universal liberators that Master Menon indicates we can work most effectively with in this Heaven-Pulse, is entraining our conscious minds to perceive what we call darkness as an opportunity to experience more of the Pure Love that we are.

This is accomplished through expanding our ability to recognize how it offers us opportunities to express the love that we are in some unique way. Any time that we express the love that we are, that is what we experience. When you see what appears to be negative or dire circumstances and outlooks in the news media or any place else, respond from your heart and not your left-brain mind.

A very helpful awareness to keep in mind for this is that anything that is operating in what we term darkness is simply not benefiting from the awareness that we ourselves have access to. If you contemplate that for a moment, does it not make you feel a desire to offer that limited awareness some of what you enjoy? Of course it does, so that is exactly what you can do.

In order to do this, remotely or otherwise, you have to establish a heart connection. Without a heart connection, offering and transferring higher awareness is not possible. This is one reason why judgment is so damaging and divisive. To judge that which does not enjoy the same level of awareness we do actually prevents us from sharing our awareness with that other expression. Seeing it as "bad" is a judgment.

Menon indicates that if everyone with some modicum of higher awareness on the planet opened their hearts fully to everything on the planet that did not enjoy their level of awareness, it would expand the limited awareness on our planet much more rapidly and gracefully.

The 6th Heaven-Pulse of Light supports us more than ever in accomplishing this. Take advantage of this cosmic wave and surf it into the beach of universal compassion. I'm riding it with you...

The new Archangel Arhaiel Transmission for the 6th Heaven-Pulse of Light has a specific visualization, energy-art image and verrrry cosmic tone sequence in MP3 for helping attune you to this cosmic assistance. It's not too late, if you subscribe to this special matrix you will receive this very special current transmission right away.

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