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Solar Re-birth into the New Earth
by Simeon Chiron 01/26/11

One of the primary challenges facing us currently is dealing with the immense electromagnetic shifts, anomalies and storms on our beloved Earth.

It is now fairly well understood scientifically that the geomagnetic environment of the Earth is quite profoundly affected by the activity of our Sun. The Earth's geomagnetic environment is also affected by other celestial bodies, but our Sun exerts the most prominent influence of them all upon the Earth's geomagnetic fields.

I have had perhaps more than my fair share of difficulty with the geomagnetic shifts and storms on Earth that are initiated by Solar activity. I have studied and followed the correlations between what is happening for me emotionally, physically and psychologically in relationship to lunar cycles, solar activity and Earth's geomagnetic field states for about 15 years now. I have thus learned a lot experientially in this regard.

I have always known that there was a way to get to a state of awareness and consciousness wherein one would not be so affected by the Earth's geomagnetic shifts and storms. Rather we could be a stabilizing force and energy for the Earth herself. I was focusing on this achievement as one which would involve getting deeply enough into our sacred center wherein these shifts would no longer affect us much. I had progressive success over time with this, but it was indeed slow going in terms of human linear time perceptions.

Then going into early November 2010 I started experiencing some rather profound shifts in this regard. Shortly thereafter the Regenesis H2Oau and N-State Noble Spirit Gold came into my experience to give me a further assist. By late December 2010 and then going into and through January 2011 I began noticing that when the Earth's geomagnetic field was in turmoil, I was instead mostly experiencing another component of what was occurring that felt like I was in a Chariot of Divine Fire rather than being in a small boat on a stormy sea.

During this recent period is where I started becoming aware of the Golden Orb, which I received could rightly be called the "Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi," or "GODS Chi" as an acronym. This was a golden orb, or more correctly, an almost spherically shaped golden torus with its center point between then 2nd and 3rd chakras right in the center of my body.

This golden torus is rapidly growing in intensity, power and size. I am also now seeing a brilliant blue-white diadem of light at its center which is also growing in intensity and size. Menon's master-streaming of awareness has informed me that this brilliant diadem of light in the center of the golden orb is the initial seed for what I and Maia have previously referred to as the Pure Gem Body based in her source translations from Thoth.

This shift represents something that is in progress on a planetary scale. I tend to experience things ahead of the curve. As you are likely aware I received a recent transmission from Master Menon on the relationship between the Aton Sun Disk and the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi as I have been calling it. This involved the whole 666/999 inversion into the Cube of Stars dynamic which was a core aspect of the 9/9/9 Tele-Transmission I did on that date.

What is now being further revealed is that in order to make our passage gracefully through the planetary shifts that are upon us and thus be a stabilizing and ascending force for our planet's collective, it is imperative to further activate and attune our physical and energy bodies to the frequency harmonics of the Higher Solar Logos of our solar system.

These higher level harmonics are the higher component in the charged solar emissions that on the lower level can wreak havoc on our planetary geomagnetic field and our physical and energy bodies. That is, UNTIL we have taken Solar Re-birth into the New Earth.

When we are attuned sufficiently to the Higher Solar Logos (999 Cube of Stars) of our system then we will more prominently experience the higher potential in the charged particle emissions from our physical Sun. This is what I have now become aware of in regards to my experiences with feeling like I am in a Chariot of Divine Fire instead of being tossed about mercilessly.

I was guided by Menon to go back and have another look at some of the information Maia previously produced and which we had both worked with together in the past. I am in particular referring to an article on Maia's Spirit Mythos website which is entitled "The Sacred An ~ Ark of Grace."

This article refers to beings that tended to the Sacred An who were "Sun Born" and who were not subject to the electromagnetic currents of the Earth in the same way that other humans were. This gave them a type of immunity from the powerful electromagnetic currents of the sacred An which could actually do harm to the normal human bio-system. Keep in mind the Sacred An was a planetary field calibration device and was not intended for initiating human beings.

The key point that Menon is prompting me to relate about all of this right now is that in the ancient times it was only the "Sun Born" who had the necessary attunement to the Higher Solar Logos of our system to be able to realize its potential and thus not be directly affected so much by the Earth's geomagnetic fields in their bodies. They did not rely on the Earth's geomagnetic fields in their specific physiology as much as the normal human physiology does.

Menon is indicating that we now have an incredible opportunity for "Solar Rebirth into the New Earth." In other words, if we can successfully attune our DNA and biofield to draw upon the higher magnetic components of our Sun and our Earth by attuning our consciousness field at all levels to the Higher Solar Logos of this system, then we will become the new "Sun Born" of this planet thereby breaking that out of its previous status.

This is possible, because the Sun Born mixed their genetic seed with the genetic matrix of the Earth. In so doing, there has been a subsequent period of time where the pure Sun Born left the planet and very few beings that remained were able to hold that frequency in a sustained way.

With the grounding of the Christic Sun Spirit via the Archangel Arhaiel at Yeshua's Baptism, and the furtherance of that process with his Solar Initiation in Egypt, the doorway was opened once again for all of humanity to gain the status of "Sun Born." It has been about two millennia since this pathway was grounded into our Earthen human genetic matrix.

The celestial harmonic environment is now offering amazing support for our Solar Re-birth into the New Earth. We have an excellent opportunity to make this re-alignment within ourselves for the benefit of the human collective on our planet.

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