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Supreme Divine Alchemy
by Simeon Chi'Ra


When you think of alchemy what comes to your mind? For many people this term conjures up images of mediaeval alchemists laboring over flasks and ancient chemistry equipment by candlelight late into the night.

This was but one form of alchemy, and a lot of what was performed along these lines in our collective past was done as a guise to conceal the wisdom that was being revealed so that those who were attempting to reveal it would not be persecuted.

There truly are types of alchemy that involve higher knowledge of chemical transformations that usually also require a certain degree of consciousness to be present within the alchemists themselves in order to be successful.

There are also higher levels of "pure consciousness" alchemy possible. Regardless of what level of alchemy you encounter, however, there is one dynamic that is present in them all. This dynamic is wherein the various components of a particular substance or energy are separated out, refined, and put back together to form a transformed version of what you started with. That is the universal alchemical principle.

In order to successfully accomplish a desired alchemical transformation there has to also be a catalyst. In material forms of alchemy this often involves a strong acid or lye solution of some sort. In pure consciousness forms of alchemy it involves a very strong and potent energy.

Therefore the most powerful energy source available for pure consciousness, or divine alchemy, would be the most effective means of effecting the desired transformation. Given that the universe is, for all intents and purposes, an unlimited energy system we would want the energy we employ for our pure consciousness alchemy to be able to tap into that unlimited infinite energy supply.

The unlimited energy supply is found in the quantum field, also known as the zero-point or unified field, and also which has been called the aether, heaven and spirit.

The energy source that is found in this quantum field is infinite in its ultimate potential only. In simple terms, this means that it is not "active" as an energy source. It must be activated by something else. This is where our key to understanding how human conscious interacts with the unlimited quantum field takes place.

It is in the power of our feelings which are properly wed to our mental intentions that we as humans can activate the unlimited energy potential that is present within the quantum unified field of the spirit aether.

We can only properly wed our feelings and our mental intentions to the degree that we are in a coherent state where our heart and mind are in true harmony. This is also the higher state of love which has many expressions that have been identified as compassion, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, deep caring and so forth.

Therefore it is the energy of higher states of love which give us access to the unlimited energy potential of the universe. This is the energy that is needed to perform the Supreme Alchemy and transform our consciousness so that we can fully align all of our multi-dimensional aspects of self to the expansive matrix we are heading into through 2012 and beyond.

There is a lot of new scientific findings that can help us intellectually understand how this must be accomplished. In my upcoming webinar "Thine Eye be Single in Love" I will be speaking about this new science to impart an expanded understanding of the biology of Oneness. It is truly rooted right within our bodies, and our minds only need to align to what already is right there already.

It is common to feel that the body somehow holds us back because of its density. This is far from the truth and the body only holds what we put into it. It is an anchor of sorts, what do we wish for it to anchor? There is a lot of new science that also points in this direction as well, and in my 12/12 webinar "Thine Eye be Single in Love" I will be talking about this emerging science and how we can use it to better perform "A Supreme Alchemy" for the transformation of our own consciousness and thereby heal ourselves and our planet.

I have also just returned from a trip to a very remote region of southern Colorado over last weekend. I visited an alchemist I recently met who has been working quietly for many years in developing and perfecting a technology that employs higher consciousness, tesla-type technologies, and rare elements.

This technology is now being used to produce a very special water that has the memory imprint of a heaven/aether-earth/matter bridge within it, and it is also imbued with an 'n-state' (non-atomic state) of gold within it. This gold exists in a state that is not quite particle and not quite wave. It straddles the two realities yet it can be detected on the physical level in various ways but defies revealing itself in the same manner as do other physical elements.

I have worked a bit with this water myself and have been quite delighted in the results. I feel it truly offers some greatly needed assistance and I will share more about all of this in my upcoming "Thine Eye be Single in Love" webinar as well because this technology is greatly helpful to performing the Supreme Divine Alchemy by aligning our minds to our inherent biology of Oneness.

I am also working diligently right now to setup things up to make this technology and various related information available to you as well. If you are interested please contact me and let me know!

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