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The Third Universal
Heaven-Pulse of Light
by Simeon Chiron 04/13/11

In my recent overview article about the 13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote:

3rd Heaven-Pulse > April 14 - May 1 (crest April 22-23) > Yang > Germination, the second expansive pulse of new universal consciousness energies building upon that which was sowed in the first universal Heaven-Pulse of Light. The seed of universal consciousness now undergoes an outer transformation and begins to break free of its initial containment field.

This Universal Heaven-Pulse fully activates tomorrow, April 14th, 2011. In the 2nd Heaven-Pulse of Light we have been in for 18 days there has been a period of assimilation and integration of the movement and harmonics of consciousness that began developing in the 1st Heaven-Pulse.

I have experienced this 2nd Heaven-Pulse as a feeling of pull-back, catching up, attending to a lot of practical matters, getting ready for what is to come, and deep inner reflection all the while watching my inner vision of the New Universal Earth expand by leaps and bounds.

Keep in mind that these Heaven-Pulses of Light do not sequence in a linear manner. In other words, it's not that one is over and the next begins. Instead they keep building upon each other by layering until the very end of the Mayan Calendar's progressive development of consciousness harmonics completes on October 28, 2011. At that point what the universe supplies is then complete and it's all up to existing consciousness after that!

Therefore, we will still have the energy of the 1st and 2nd Heaven-Pulses of Light further developing as we enter the 3rd Heaven-Pulse of Light. The Heaven-Pulse that has most recently activated becomes the "leading" set of harmonics, giving the previous Heaven-Pulses of Light further definition, making them more complete, providing the framework for them to further realize their true purpose and potential.

You can think of this in the same plant-growth analogy which Carl Calleman has used, and which I expounded upon in my article "The 13 Heaven-Pulses of Light." Consider when a plant seed goes through the phase wherein its roots are first established and start growing so a whole plant can be supported. The root growth phase does not end when that tiny new shoot finally breaks the surface of the soil.

Instead the plant continues to grow those roots, but at the same time it also now develops the larger purpose for its root's existence in the first place, which in this analogy is the development of the mature plant.

In like manner, as we enter this 3rd Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light we will continue to be developing that which was initiated in the 1st and 2nd Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light. However, our primary leading edge focus and objective will be expanded and shifting once again.

We will now begin the process of breaking free from the vibrational parameters of the initial containment field in which we have been developing these new universal consciousness harmonics for ourselves and our world.

This is a very critical period of growth for universal consciousness. The energy patterns of the Old Earth are what has formed the New Earth developmental containment field much like the plant that died last year formed the seed that we can plant this year.

Only this time around, there will not be so much of a regenerative "same seed pattern" perpetuation for the next cycle This is wherein evolution and its resultant mutations take place more slowly over time.

We are instead going through a massive rapid mutation which will forever alter the patterns of energy of the Old Earth and give birth to the New Earth patterns of energy in this cycle. HOW this happens, what it looks like, and how we experience it, are all dependent upon us as co-creators in our collective reality sphere.

The really exciting thing is that it's all really happening right here and right now too. Everyone is being challenged greatly at this time on our planet in some way. HOW we experience those challenges is a MAJOR key to riding this highly accelerated universal wave through to completion in joy, peace and harmony within ourselves even as the old world around us may experience chaos and confusion.

HOW we experience the circumstances and situations we find ourselves and our world in is a matter of choice. That is the one thing we ALWAYS have control over regardless of what may be occurring.

To master this inner level of our being is what will help us to consciously build our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry so we can lead our planet's collective consciousness into true deliverance from the limiting patterns of our past. We can only do that to the degree we have accomplished it within ourselves.

You may have heard of Daryl Anka and the entity he channels named "Bashar." There is much of value in this work. The one thing that I read over 20 years ago in Anka's first book that has remained with me to this day, is the statement Bashar made to the effect that, "our present is not a result of our past."

20 years later I am still gaining new awareness and understanding of that profound awareness. I am coming to know much more deeply what it is to directly experience the truth of it. Since the time that statement was channeled and written by Daryl Anka we have had an exponential explosion in the science of quantum physics which also now strongly tends towards supporting this premise.

Enter this awareness deeply... "our present is NOT a result of our past." What are the implications for creating our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry from this plane of awareness? They are vast and profound in the very least! We also now have a rapidly developing universal consciousness matrix in which to realize this profound truth and which supports us much more than ever before in doing so.

Right in sync with the yang 3rd Heaven-Pulse of Light the energy also started coming in for my next Web'Nar Transmission which will be on this exact focus of consciously creating our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry and mastering our internal experience of external reality.

The developing energy of the 3rd Heaven-Pulse of Light is perfect for taking this work to a whole new level from wherever we are in the process. I will be announcing dates/times and relating more info on this Web'Nar Transmission very soon!

The next Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmission (not a 'live' event - text/image/MP3 attunements by email, energy through remote transmission) which is tomorrow will also be facilitating the development of our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry.

These Arhaiel transmissions work with a very specific light vector or pathway of transmission to facilitate our movement of energy and consciousness in this direction through Divine Grace.

These are direct transmissions of energy that have specific light-encoding for the purpose of balancing and fusing the Earthly Fire of Life Vitality with the Heavenly Fire of Divine Love.

These transmissions are thus facilitating a movement of consciousness to help us transcend the energy-consuming duality of Low Self / High Self. This Low Self / High Self reality is actually just another dualistic illusion even though it certainly seems quite real at times!

This activity results in the development of what my sources have been referring to as the "Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi" (GODS Chi) within our being as a more fully realized reality we can tangibly experience to the degree it has been developed.

Sooo, fasten your Metatronic seat belts and get ready for the yang energies of the 3rd Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light activating on Thursday, April 14th, 2011!

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