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The 13th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
w/ a channeling from Ascended Master Menon
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/08/11

From my previous article entitled "13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light" I wrote the following:

13th Heaven-Pulse > October 11 - 28 (crest October 19-20) > Yang > Fruition > Fruition, the final harmonics of the universal consciousness evolution are put into place by the Cosmos and manifestation of the highest forms of this new consciousness become possible. The flower has been pollinated by the Higher Solar energies and produces seeds of universal consciousness which are spread far and wide by the winds of Spirit within human consciousness.

The harmonics of consciousness evolution being developed by the cosmos are now complete. Further evolutionary pulses are strictly our own creations

13th Universal Heaven energy-art image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling by Cosmic Consciousness Online.The "Yang" designation here is based on Carl Calleman's work on the Mayan Calendar. In the calendrical system he outlines, each of the 13 heavens, or day and night cycles, in each of the 9 underworlds, or energy waves, alternates as yang-yin cycles starting and ending as a yang energy pulse (1st and 13th heavens).

My higher-dimensional sources indicate that Calleman's understanding of the Mayan Long Count Calendar is one of the best in the world at this time.

His identification of the Mayan Calendar as a harmonic evolutionary progression that is universal and began with the universe itself is phenomenal within the scientific world he operates within. I have deep respect for, and resonance with, Carl Calleman.

Therefore what I am about to relate below is not in contradiction or critique of Calleman, but in addition to his perspectives, a completion of them if you will. That said...

I have noticed something seemingly unusual as we have moved through the extremely rapid acceleration of the 9th Universal Wave, which activated on March 9th, 2011. This is that the distinction between the yin-yang energies of each heaven cycle has become less discernable with each succeeding heaven.

I am quite well-tuned into this energy due to my intimate engagement with it, facilitating our passage through the 9th wave in particular. Since the mid-point of the 6th Heaven, which was also the mid-point of the entire 9th wave, this increasing balance of yin-yang has become quite noticeable to me. How about you (contact me)?

In fact it is so balanced now that the difference in yin-yang in the 11th and 12th heavens was hard to discern at all. I went to Ascended Master Menon about this, and here is what he offered:

Ascended Master Menon: since the inception of your current universe, the 13th heaven cycle in each universal energy pulse (underworld or wave) has always been the point of balance or reconciliation for all heaven cycles within it.

The harmonics of consciousness evolution represented in the totality of these universal energy waves are all meant to develop the full potential for experiencing both the oneness, and the diversity of complexity, simultaneously. This is a key element of your current universe.

As such, these harmonic layers have been successively creating the energy matrix which allows this full potential to be brought into manifestation and experienced in a myriad of ways by sentient and conscious life forms.

Each universal energy wave's layer progressively adds to this potential. Each pulse of energy within that wave (like wave sets on the ocean in any particular wave energy pattern) brings greater balance between the primary polarities of the manifest universe, what you call the yin and yang energies.

Therefore each wave and its 13 pulses of energy steadily advance towards the point of total balance within the underlying crystalline fabric of the manifest universe itself.

In every universal wave, each heaven cycle has advanced this balance of yin-yang to some degree. The 13th heaven cycle in each wave is the energy pulse that is needed to fully manifest the yin-yang balance potential for that whole wave. Therefore each of the 13th heaven cycles has been a more balanced expression of the yin-yang than any that preceded it.

When the 13th heaven cycle of each wave is reached, it also begins to run concurrent with all the other previous wave's 13th heaven cycles. These 13th heaven cycles continue developing concurrently until the end of this whole harmonic development (the end of the Mayan Calendar).

These concurrent 13th heaven cycles start building, one upon the other, steadily increasing support within the manifest universe for the balance of yin-yang energies. It is in the current 9th wave that the progressively increasing balance of these yin-yang energies in each of its heaven pulses has been revealed to human consciousness on Earth.

This is largely due to the rapidity by which they have been unfolding. These changes or shifts have taken place one right after the other every 18 days of Earth's time. This acceleration has allowed human beings on Earth to sense the changes of energy quality much more clearly than when they were taking place over much greater periods of linear time.

Now, in the 9th universal harmonic wave, as the 13th heaven's energy pulse comes surging out of the Great Central Sun, all nine 13th heaven cycles shall unite in sounding a final glorious Divine Chord of balance potential between yin-yang energy in the manifest universe.

The yin-yang balance potential of all 13th heaven cycles thus unite to create the perfected balance of these energies. This will soon be experienced within the 13th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light, an energy pulse emanating from the Great Central Sun.

All dimensions of the current universe are experiencing this same completion. From your relative point of perspective on Earth, it would appear that higher dimensions already have this balance.

This is not exactly the case, yet it is accurate to say that higher dimensions of reality are experiencing more of the available potentials for balance and oneness that have been developing within the manifest universe since its inception.

However, even this is now changing. With the completion of the universal harmonics of evolution, the potential for all dimensions to simultaneously experience the same degree of balance and oneness shall finally be present and available as well, even if it is not yet manifest on the experiential plane of reality.

To make use of the full potential that has been provided is now the great work of all beings in all dimensions of reality. This requires multi-dimensional and inter-world cooperation and unity.

There are many levels of interpretation possible for the scriptural passage about God resting on the 7th day of creation. On some level they are all correct, for they each address differing levels of awareness and their attendant perspectives.

Yet, there is a great cycle which this passage points to relative to your current time on Earth. It is soon to be the 7th day (13th heaven) of the 9th wave, and when this cycle completes, then Source Intelligence shall rest forever more with the completion of the great work.

What is most important for human beings on Earth to realize and know at this time, is that the underlying matrix for human evolution itself has been interwoven and synchronous with the progressive harmonic development represented in the Mayan Calendar since the inception of your species on the Earth, and even before.

There will therefore be a powerful tendency to continue repeating this pattern for some time to come. However, the energy of this pattern will only be supported by the energy of those beings repeating it now. It shall no longer be tied into a series of cosmic universal energy pulses that feed it great energy taking it towards its mark.

Earth's humanity, as with many beings in many worlds, not having yet achieved the full potential of what this pattern offers, will at first attempt to reach that full potential through repeating the pattern which has been taking them there since the inception of the universe itself.

The nature of reality being what it is, this approach can actually be made to work. Yet, it will require enormous amounts of energy expenditure to attempt to approach the full potential possible in this manner now. It is therefore unlikely that this approach will succeed for very many beings in the universe.

It is only through direct approach, versus sequential harmonic development, that any being in any world shall be able to efficiently and easily achieve the full potential soon to be available.

It is this approach that the Metatronic Councils of Light have woven into the Program of Light we have recently provided (Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry).

You all have aspects of your own multi-dimensional being that are members of the Metatronic Councils of Light. Who you know as "you" on Earth is a manifestation of the Metatronic Councils of Light on Earth as was related by my Divine Sister Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na during the recent EL'Zohim transmission.

You have all thus participated in creating this Program of Light as well. This is why so many of you have reported it feels so familiar to you somehow!

Regardless of what method or program you may use, it is more important than ever to be able to discern the difference between the direct approach and the sequential development approach. Understanding this is your core Metatronic navigation system into the New Earth.

The question to always ask yourself in making this discernment is: does this approach take me direct to my center of Source Intelligence?

If you ask this question and you are unsure of the answer, then the answer is no.

This is because if that approach were taking you direct to your Source Intelligence, you would know it implicitly without hesitation. Make this your guiding beacon in the days to come.

If you do, your process of realizing the full potential that Source Intelligence has now provided to all strata of the manifest universe shall take flight with wings of Divine Grace.

I AM the Power of You,
Ascended Master Menon

Wow, that is powerful! I LOVE it! I had not expected all of that to come through...

After Menon's expose I think we have a good understanding of the nature of the 13th Universal Heaven-Pulse from the perspective of the yin-yang balance and fruition of the full universal potential of oneness inherent in that balance. We also understand a major key in how to get there! Thank you Ascended Master Menon!

In addition, I would like to relate that one way of relating to this full universal potential that is now being offered us, is as seeds of Universal Consciousness being formed here in the 13th Universal Heaven.

These seeds will then be blown, by the Divine Solar Winds emanating from the Great Central Sun, through all manifest worlds and beings. Manifest worlds and beings includes worlds and beings of pure higher-dimensional light too.

We ourselves, to whatever degree we have been able to develop and realize universal consciousness in our own beingness, can become some of these seeds in our world. I offer one means of doing this in what I speak about below.

In the upcoming Arhaiel Matrix Transmission, which is synchronized with this 13th Universal Heaven-Pulse, there is a beautiful meditational process with hi-res energy-art image (same as the small image with this article above) for a visual focus and a rather amazing CosmiGenesis MP3 tone sequence with binaural beat hemispherical synchronization technology to listen to. It is quite activational!

This is a capstone transmission to all 13 Heavens of the Temple of the 9th Universal Wave. I encourage you to subscribe (honorary possible by contacting me) and receive the benefit from this energy transmission.

Now... envision us a global community of universal consciousness seeds being blown by the Divine Solar Winds through the fertile hearts and minds on Earth... every time we seed, the seed we are, grows a little more...

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