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Twelfth Heaven Harmonics and Beyond
by Simeon Chi'Ra 11/4/09

Original Info: this coming Sunday, 11/08/09, we enter the into the next phase of the galactic wave movement defined by the Mayan Calendar known as the Sixth Night or the Twelfth Heaven. There are thirteen heavens or cycles in each of the nine major wave movements or Underworlds in the Mayan Calendar.

As I have stated previously this is a Yin energy cycle. Thus we are transitioning from a Yang dynamic to a Yin dynamic, from Solar to Lunar energetics at this level of reality.

Calleman in his latest article entitled "The Final Mayan Calendar Steps to 2012: November 8th - the beginning of the Sixth Night" states that this means there will be less energy available in this upcoming cycle.

While I understand what he is attempting to communicate, I personally do not feel this means less energy, but a different type of energy which will also be at a very high level.

To move from Yang energy to Yin energy does not equate into less energy. It means we move from an active principle to a receptive principle. This is why I have felt this is likely going to be experienced as a pause like a deep exhale in preparation for the next incoming cycle of Yang energy, the next inhale.

Each of these thirteen heavens in each of the nine wave movements of the Mayan Calendar (9x13 = 117 = 9) is cycling between Yang and Yin, taking us one step closer to the perfect balance between the two as we progress.

In the Eastern system of the three gunas this could possibly also be stated as rajas (active) and tamas (inactive) doing a divine dance until sattva (essence) is all that remains. In other words, the Divine Couple dance the days and nights away until they melt into each other's beings to forever then exist as One Being of Balanced Essence.

Calleman states of the Sixth Night or Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Wave movement:

 "...we will in this coming night be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind."

He also states that the Mayan Calendar is not about a singular event in 2012 as many have been suggesting and which the main stream media is now starting to run wild with. I fully resonate with Calleman's point of view on this and I have all along.

The Mayan Calendar is simply the Mayan's ingenious mapping of the harmonics of evolution in the universe, or in the very least, in our galaxy. It provides us with deeper insight into what many of us have already confirmed within our own inner experiences in regards to the increasingly rapid evolutionary shifts of consciousness taking place.

One of these shifts that will take precedence as of the advent of the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement is that abstract values will move more fully into concrete values. In fact much that is currently held in abstract form that aligns to universal harmonics will start doing the same much more quickly.

Given the ascension process is often seen as a form of abstraction this might seem confusing to some, like it is going in the reverse direction from what might have been expected. Yet if you consider that the outcome of this whole ascension process is to bring the totality of our Essence into full manifestation on this plane of reality then this makes total sense.

In other words, in order to accomplish this what has been of universal value in abstract form will need to be made manifest on this plane of reality in concrete form in order effect the dimensional shift we are anticipating.

Another major Twelfth Heaven dynamic identified by Calleman is that of our relationships. These will have to go through a major evolutionary shift wherein they will need to increasingly reflect unity consciousness whereby separation and taking care of self without regard for other will come to an end.

This is currently held largely in an abstract form as an ideal within our field of awareness at the current time. We have been going through various types of experiences coaxing us to bring the abstract form of our ideal regarding unity consciousness relations into manifestation.

I get very clearly, however, that we have only scratched the surface in this regard and there is much, much more to come. The cycle of the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement will bring significant developments in this regard I believe.

I had also stated previously in the information for my upcoming "Returning to Essence, the Twelfth Heaven" tele-event that we would be working with clearing the "ancestral DNA" and patterns associated with fragmentation from all previous cycles.

Then I received Calleman's latest article entitled "The Final Mayan Calendar Steps to 2012: November 8, 2009 – the Beginning of the Sixth Night" in my inbox this morning. In it he states:

...this can only be understood from a study of what might be the nature of the new world to be born. When it comes to understanding this it seems however that there are actually no ancient Mayan sources to consult.

The Mayan sources only say that Nine cosmic forces are going to manifest as the calendar comes to an end, but there is no ancient inscription, which talks about what will follow upon this. Because of this dearth of material I suggest that we turn to sources from the large Abrahamic religions such as the Bible or the Quran, which do say something on the matter.

If we combine these with our understanding from the Mayan calendar I feel we may gain some idea of what is to come. I believe everything that has been happening in this time plan has been subordinated to the delivery of this new world.

Hence, the Quran says this in Surah 82:17-19: “And what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is? Again, what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is? (It will be) the Day when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another: For the command, that Day, will be (wholly) with Allah.”

I believe this disappearance of dominance may refer to the Universal Underworld, which brings a consciousness of oneness and transparency to our whole beings and all of our past actions. If we take this seriously it would imply that all chains to people dominating others would need to be broken.

The last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation 21:4-5 also describes a new world to be born: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.”

This would seem to imply that all chains to the past would need to be broken for the new world to be born. Taken together it would seem that as pre-requisites for the birth of a new earth we would need to free ourselves from the chains to the past as well as from chains to other people.

The guidance I had received regarding the clearing of the ancestral DNA and associated past patterns of fragmentation relative to a process which celebrates our entering into the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld takes on even deeper meaning in light of Calleman's information in this regard.

I believe the "Returning to Essence, the Twelfth Heaven" is going to be a very powerful tele-process, moreso than I had originally anticipated.

The mid-point of the Twelfth Heaven or Sixth Night is on May 27, 2010. This is the second Harmonic Convergence and represents the first true experience of a pulse of cosmic consciousness entering our collective soul as a whole versus scattered individuated experiences of it.

Then on July 17, 2010 is what Calleman calls the "Cosmic Convergence." This Twelfth Heaven harmonic will launch us into the final phase of harmonic wave movement heading into the 13th Heaven or Seventh Day of the Galactic Wave Movement.

Once we enter the 13th Heaven of the galactic cycle and before it completes we will also then enter the ninth and final wave movement which is the Universal Underworld. All 13 Heavens in this final cycle will unfold in just 260 days. Additionally, all nine wave movements or Underworlds will simultaneously complete on October 28. 2011.

Calleman has stated that he feels after the Mayan Calendar end-point all the shifts which cause what we have termed chaos will then come to an end and we will be within a solid platform of universalized consciousness thus allowing us to co-create a reality which reflects that consciousness and there will be no more shifts, just a steady progression of manifesting universal reality in our world. Calleman sees this as taking a few years to truly take root.

I truly resonate with the concept Calleman is using in regards to this because it is very beautiful to embrace. Yet, there is more to be considered than what Calleman speaks to.

The universal/galactic harmonics of evolution are not actually coming to end for one. Calleman is of the belief that evolution comes to an end in 2012 and that is where I do not resonate with his point of view.

What I have come to realize is that we are shifting to another level of evolution and entering into a new dimensional cycle. It is true that this shift represents a quantum leap wherein we "jump orbits" like electrons in an atom of evolution that receives an extraordinary infusion of additional energy. Yet jumping orbits does not mean we no longer are within the evolutionary atom, our place in it has however been forever altered.

As for our experience of shifts only time will tell. We will still have the interactions between the electromagnetic field dynamics of our Sun, the Earth and Moon to contend with and these are some of the most significant energies we are experiencing now and they greatly affect consciousness as well.

On the one hand it is true that these dynamics are moving in concert with the larger wave movements identified in the Mayan Calendar. On the other hand they also have interactions between themselves in addition to those larger wave movements.

Perhaps we will see a new sort of energetic take place. Whatever takes place in the electromagnetic fields of these three celestial bodies directly affects our emotional and physical bodies. What happens in those bodies in particular has a lot to do with what level of consciousness we are able to operate at in any given moment. These energies are therefore something to give due consideration to.

I personally also know that all of that aside, we will in the very least continue to experience shifts until such time as we have firmly established our anchoring in our Essential-Self of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit.

Each of the shifts we experience will, as they are now, take us ever closer to this realization. The support within the overall subtle energy atmosphere of our galaxy and thus solar system will, however, perhaps not be shifting the same as it has been thereby lending further stability to our internal processes as we complete the final re-calibration to our Essential-Self wherein we find unity with all beings and all of Creation.

It is hard to imagine what having that type of macrocosmic stability will enable us to accomplish in consciousness and co-creation of a new world, and I weep softly as I embrace the immense possibilities.

I also have received insights for some time to not build our expectations too high regarding what will happen in the few years immediately following 2011-2012.

In the most cosmic states of awareness I am able to experience it appears that the shift is immediate. Yet as I click down closer to this reality I can also see that what appears almost immediate on the cosmic clock can mean some considerable time here on this plane of manifestation to develop.

I am certainly holding open the possibility that it can all happen in the blink of an eye, that would be very wonderful indeed! I wish more than anything for it to be easy for all to make the shift in the very least and I continue to dedicate myself to bringing this into reality.

We must remember this is also going to be a co-creative endeavor, in fact moreso than ever. After 2012 the harmonics will be fully available to create the world of our dreams, but we must engage that effort fully and not expect it to just occur of its own accord. How well we as a collective will do in this regard, I do not pretend to know.

I also do not feel anyone truly can know because that in and of itself belies true co-creativity. What we have called destiny will cease to exist past 2012 other than the most essential form of it which is that at some point we are all destined to be re-absorbed back into the Totality of the Absolute.

In order to manifest what has been termed the Christ Consciousness within our collective reality as a living principle we will need to become that consciousness and not be looking outside of ourselves for it.

It is already intrinsic in us and always has been. After 2012 our co-creative impulses will no longer be governed by a larger set of harmonics progressively governing temporal evolution. There will only be the ever present universal harmonics there to be woven into the fabric of our reality, this aspect of Calleman's perspective I do resonate with.

These universal harmonics have been there all along, but they have been embedded within evolutionary programs that largely determined outcomes in various ways.

An apt anology might be that prior to the end of the harmonic series the Mayan Calendar identifies we are within a particular amusement park.

We can ride all the rides, we can modify the rides, we can build new rides, but we cannot really leave the amusement park and go create something else altogether.

After the Mayan Calendar ends we will no longer be in that amusement park, we will be free to co-create whatever we wish. Its an enormous responsibility we will then have. There will be nothing there to restrain our creative abilities and where they might expand.

Consciousness which accepts the universal laws and harmonics will be absolutely necessary and much easier to realize. Yet, the possibility of miscalculation and misguided effort will remain for some time thereafter.

It is therefore vitally important to do all we can now to find our anchor within our true Essential Nature and thereby assist the collective. The more of us who are truly anchored there, the easier it will be for all and the more effective will our co-creative capacity be.

My "Returning to Essence, the Twelfth Heaven" energy channeling transmission MP3 facilitates this process individually and collectively.

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