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The 12th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 9/21/11

From my previous article entitled "13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light" I wrote the following:

12th Heaven-Pulse > September 23 - October 10 (crest October 1-2) > Yin > Relaxation of forward movement to allow some fine-tuning of the universal consciousness that is rapidly gaining strength. The flower rests and waits for the Higher Solar Bees to come visit - Archangel Arhaiel, the Solar Lords, the Solar Christ.

12th Universal Heaven energy-art image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling by Cosmic Consciousness Online.This Heaven-Pulse of Light is the LAST Yin cycle in the entire 16.4 billion year progression of harmonics represented in the Mayan Calendar, and the second to the last heaven cycle, period!

The 12th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light is also activating synchronously with the September 2011 Equinox. Four days later we enter a New Moon. Ascended Master Menon indicates this combination creates some rather unique higher level energetics that the Metatronic Councils of Light will be taking advantage of for the benefit of our planet and collective.

Our planetary 7th seal was opened back in the 10th Heaven during the cosmic window that formed on August 26th-27th, and we worked with that in the Xyx'Na transmission.

Our 7th seal is still in the process of being re-programed right now. The early stage of our New Earth reality is a 9 Cosmic Ray system, whereas up until recently we have been a 7 Cosmic Ray system. Our two new Cosmic Rays were introduced into our matrix with the activation of the 9th Universal Wave back on March 9th 2011.

The first of these two rays was activated immediately. I only recently learned of this myself. The second of these two additional rays, the 9th Cosmic Ray, will be activated along with the 12th Universal Heaven.

This is significant, because with all 9 New Earth Cosmic Rays now becoming active, a whole lot of stuff we have been feeling, envisioning and dreaming about becomes much more possible. There is a whole LOT more to all of this, and I explain it in much more detail in the EL'Zohim 9 Ray New Earth Infusionvideo.

In brief my beloved Family of Light and Oneness, we now have 16 EL'Ohim Intelligences in our solar system! We previously only had 7 EL'Ohim. Ascended Master Menon explained that the way this works is that the EL'Ohim lattice together as the evolution of a system progresses and requires more higher-light intelligence to administer it.

We have entered into a 9 Cosmic Ray system now and that requires nine new EL'Ohim Intelligences to make it work. However, our original 7 EL'Ohim Intelligences will continue to function within our expanding matrix thereby anchoring the base of our temple! In other words, they go with us!

At the other end of the evolutionary cycle we are referring to as the New Earth, there will be 33 Rays and 88 Elohim Intelligences in all! Each new order of EL'Ohim is also an octave (or two) in frequency and awareness beyond the previous orders of EL'Ohim. They join together to form a vibrational sandwich of sorts.

The final upper two layers or lattices in the New Earth reality are not latticed with human type EL'Ohim Intelligences but Celestial Intelligences. Again, a lot more info and awareness on this is available in the EL'Zohim video transmission.

Our 9 Cosmic Rays are also now activating the full compliment of nine energy bodies and human chakra centers within the Adam Kadmon template or blueprint. See my recent article "9 Ray + Chakra Adam Kadmon Activation" for more on this.

This 9 Cosmic Ray activation will be happening within the envelope of energy harmonics created by the 12th Universal Heaven. The nature of this 12th Heaven energy is perhaps best understood by relating it to the alchemical processes a plant goes through after flowering in order to produce its seed.

That flower must be pollinated in order for this to occur. The plant and its flower which have grown to maturity must patiently wait for nature to accommodate them to this end. Once pollination occurs then the plant enters its last phase of life and stores enormous energy and information within compact packets we call seeds.

In like manner, the lotus of universal consciousness that has been growing as a result of the universal evolutionary process in interaction with our planetary matrix will now be awaiting pollination. This means there will need to be an interaction with a particular energy or power to bring this flower of consciousness into a fertilized state.

The attractor for this pollinating energy or power is none other than our own love essence, the core of who we all are in truth. This is a Yin cycle, it will take us DEEP into our love essence.

Our love essence is the attractor that will bring the High Solar Beings /Bees into interaction with our lotus of universal consciousness to complete the cosmic pollination process. This in turn develops the seeds of universal consciousness within us that we can then carry forth into our world.

The small energy-art image at top of this article is designed to facilitate this process. A large hi-res version and a special MP3 tone sequence is also available if you are subscribed to the Archangel Arhaiel Transmission Matrix.

Regardless of whether you go for it and watch this powerful EL'Zohim video transmission to connect more solidly with this energy or not, it is very important as you head through this 12th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light to deepen your dedication, and ability, to connect to your core love essence. Let it flow through you to the best of your ability like never before!

Make this dedication with me and others in our global cosmic consciousness community. The matrix we anchoring here allows us to energetically support each other in such things. We are all one, we need to start truly living as though we are too!

I love you all and I wish you a blissed 12th Universal Heaven!

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