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Universal Axis Mundi ~ All-Embracing Love, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online

Universal Axis Mundi
All-Embracing Love
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 4/5/12

Divine Love, Universal Love, Oneness Love, All-Embracing Love... these are all terms that point to very expanded and refined levels of this state of being and energy we call love.

Love is a pure state of being in the unmanifest realms, and a powerful magnetic energy in the manifest realms. Its first movement or action as it moves from the unmanifest into the manifest is acceptance of everything that exists... simply because it does exist. Everything has a purpose and reason for its existence.

In a sense, we could relate to love as this pure state of being moving into manifestation as the Divine Mother giving birth to first cause reality which is based on pure acceptance without conditions. Everything in manifest existence emerges from the state of Pure Love and Awareness through this first cause manifest Reality.

Love therefore is truly the Universal Axis Mundi. Traditionally, the axis mundi is considered to be the world center, or that which connects Heaven and Earth. The idea of love serving in this role resonates strongly here! Yet, we can extend this concept a bit further wherein it connects the unmanifest with the manifest (Heaven is still part of the manifest realms in this model).

First we must understand that the entire journey we call the evolution of our soul is a journey from the unmanifest through the manifest back to the unmanifest. This journey spans epochs far longer then our "evolution" on Earth. With this understanding the concept of Love as the Universal Axis Mundi begins to reveal a great deal more in terms of our journey within the microcosm of Earth.

What adds further importance to the role of Love on Earth is that our Solar Logos is on the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom. This means that the energy of love, the conscious experiment of love, is going to be the most prominent dynamic to be contended with on our planet. You can trace every single serious challenge we face in our world back to this one dynamic.

Aligning our beingness to the Universal Axis Mundi of Love not only helps us succeed within the specific 2nd Ray dynamics of our own planetary system, but also universally beyond the evolutionary cycle we are currently in.

The New Earth Pure Consciousness Temple of Hu'Orin, All-Embracing Love, is the Temple in the matrix of this nine-fold hologram of Temples that creates this alignment. It is the heart of the whole nine-fold hologram. If we never engaged any of the other eight New Earth Pure Consciousness Temples we can still do very well with focusing on just this one.

You could think of the Universal Axis Mundi as a laser beam running through the Temple of Hu'Orin. This laser beam emerges from the Divine Singularity within the unmanifest, penetrates through the center of the New Earth Hologram and into the center of the Earth reality and world we know today.

In that laser beam are all the encodings we need to lock onto it like a missile following a laser guidance system to its destination. These encodings are like "matching resonance pairs" to what we have in our latent DNA right now. Or you could think of them like being the teeth on a key that fit into the tumblers in our DNA locks in order to open the door to love's liberation.

Understanding the nature of higher forms of love is the key to locking on to this laser beam by assimilating its encodings. Without a higher awareness about the nuances of this energy we call love, we often wander about trying things in a happenstance manner until finally something works. This happenstance process will eventually liberate us. There is, however, a more efficient and expedient way to approach our liberation!

This is to expand our awareness around love itself. Love is who we are so this is the ultimate form of SELF-awareness! Remember, everything emerged from the state of Pure Love and Awareness, including us! This is what the Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love video transmission with the Metatronic Councils of Light is working with.

It is bringing us into alignment with the laser beam of the Universal Axis Mundi of All-Embracing Love. It is both a teaching and a transmission of pure higher-dimensional love-energy. This combination is powerful, and the venerable and lovely 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na has an all-embracing message for you in the meditation that is so beautiful I tear up just thinking about it.

The exquisite Temple of Hu'Orin New Earth sacred geometry design in the energy-art at top of this article is once again by our Oneness Love brother RayMond Tao'Ra. I turned it into energy-art, but the geometry design is his brilliant and beautiful creation!

I really love the energy of that design! It is used in the Temple of Hu'Orin video transmission in some key places. Along with this video purchase you will also get a very hi-res poster size version suitable for printing and framing to download along with the video! This poster size hi-res file is MUCH larger (3825 x 2550) than the image above.

Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All Embracing Love Video
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