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Upcoming Solstice Energetics and Astrology
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/12/09

In a little over a week we will be passing through a rather profound Solstice. This is of course a Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

The overall universal and astrological energetics are basically the same regardless but there are some local hemispherical energetic differences. I will address these later in this article.

Cayelin Castell of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School provides the following astrological information in her Celestial Timings Newsletter (highly recommended) for this Solstice:

...Solstice is exact at 9:47 am Pacific Time marking a seed point or a choice point, in the annual completion and renewal of the Sunís yearly cycle.

Zero Capricorn now aligned on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Center where the Sun sits for three days including yesterday and today is a place outside our fixed experience. Pluto (2 Capricorn 55) is still very nearby and Saturn at 4 Libra is squaring the Sun and Pluto. This is a alchemically power pact timing that includes an additional rare feature...

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune (24 Aquarius 17) at 4:07 am Pacific Time in the final meeting of Neptune and Jupiter for 13 years. The next time Jupiter and Neptune meet will be April 11, 2022 at 23 Pisces 57 only by then Chiron is passing through Aries and wonít be involved with the Jupiter Neptune council.

Today Chiron is at 22 Aquarius 33 less than two degrees away. The Moon passes by all three today amplifying this revolutionary novel transmission from all three worlds.

The convergence of the Solstice at the same time there is a Celestial Union of Moon Chiron Jupiter and Neptune calls our awareness to what has been and how it has transformed, what IS and how it currently is transforming, and what we are dreaming into this reality as a result of the transformational process. Think caterpillar becoming butterfly!

*** We can NOT know what the result of this convergence of energies will be before it happens especially as the Celestial influence of Neptune and the Underworld of Chiron is beyond the logic and reason of the middle world being expanded by Jupiter.

The good news is it is better if we donít know what the outcome will be. What we can know is that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us and by ceremonial participation (in whatever way works for you) we are co-creating the results. Surrendering to the unknown and accessing heart-felt trust that all is in divine order, (even if events are unfolding in ways that are difficult to understand from a middle world perspective) is a powerful way to approach this Solstice...

We also recently entered the Twelfth Heaven (Sixth Night) of the Mayan Galactic Wave Movement on November 8th, 2009 as part of our journey of harmonic acceleration heading towards 2012.

As I have previously related, the Twelfth Heaven is a Yin cycle and represents a time of deep integration of what has come before as we prepare for what comes next.

Much of the movement we are experiencing right now is as a result of integration. That which came into our awareness previously now has to be embodied and brought into a more complete and concrete form of manifestation.

Cayelin is indicating this is also a prominent dynamic in the upcoming Solstice energetics thereby exponentially opening this dynamic up for our benefit during this celestial window should we choose to consciously align with it.

Additionally our solar system is very close to being aligned with the central galactic plane right now thereby intensifying the energetics from galactic center in our consciousness experience.

Galactic center is a black hole, a massive gravitational warp in space-time that creates a dimensional shift. Where does all the matter, particles and waves of light and energy being consumed by the black hole at galactic center go?

Quantum physicists are pondering that one. My awareness and insights indicate that it all moves through into another dimensional framework of reality. I also believe that exactly WHICH dimensional framework and/or alternate universe is involved as its destination depends on many things that none of us yet really comprehend.

As for our understanding of Solstice energetics, what is applicable here is that we are aligned to the very powerful field of this black hole and all the radiations it emits within this dimension of the universe as well as others we may be sensitive to on various levels.

Those radiations and energies thus carry the frequency signature of powerful dimensional shifts. They are like rippling harmonics that shoot out of Hunab Ku or the galactic center which are a sort of "blowback" from the massively powerful processes going on within the black hole itself. They therefore contain energetic information about the dimensional shift our galaxy is ultimately destined to be consumed by.

However, evolved consciousness within this galaxy can accelerate ahead of the curve as it is being informed by the black hole's emanations, it has that potential always present.

The dimensional shift taking place in the black hole at the center of our galaxy is an ongoing ascension of all the matter and energy in the galaxy. Fully conscious systems and beings have the capacity to move through that portal far ahead of the matter realms which provided the experiences used in order to evolve.

The Mayan Calendar maps the harmonics that have been governing this evolution of consciousness since the Big Bang. As those harmonics have unfolded over time, matter forms have also evolved as hosts for this consciousness within the manifest universe. "Manifest universe" also herein includes higher dimensional realms which simply operate at subtler levels of manifestation.

The really mind-blowing part of all this is that the entire universe is going through the same process as our galaxy. The harmonics that have been governing and initiating the evolution of consciousness, and thus form, are soon coming to an end.

That harmonic set completes at the end of the Mayan Calendar. Does this mean the end of evolution itself? Not necessarily, in my view evolution continues but with a major twist. WE will fully become self-generative of the harmonics of evolution from the end of the Mayan Calendar forward.

In other words, we will no longer be following a Divine Plan, we will fully BECOME the architects of our own Divine Plan. Up until now, we have only been progressively experimenting with and learning about how this works but graduation day is soon upon us!

This has been gradually unfolding for quite some time. We have been assuming increasingly more responsibility for our own evolution as we have become more self-aware.

Yet, between now and the end of the Mayan Calendar -- which Calleman believes to be 10.28.2011 and not 12.21.2012 -- we will need to exponentially assume more additional responsibility for our own evolution than we have previously assumed in all the time since the process began back at the Big Bang.

That is truly mind-boggling to say the least. We are, however, in a much better position to accomplish this than we have ever been before as well.

As I related recently in the information for my upcoming "Embrace of the Cosmic Mother Solstice Tele-Transmission," the Cosmic Mother is the matrix from which we have been given our consciousness birth.

She is that vessel in which our existence was incubated and given life. She is the body of universal harmonics which governed evolution itself.

We have been within her protective guiding fold as an overlighting presence since the inception of our universe. The Cosmic Mother now is about to give us that final loving embrace before she sends us off into the universe to experience, and continue to evolve, pure consciousness without her "motherly" oversight and protection.

Ultimately, she is about to become fully integrated and embodied within us and will no longer exist as a set of external harmonics guiding us.

This coming Solstice, with its energetics involving our Sun's annual transition point aligned closely to galactic center, the expansiveness of Jupiter, the transformational energies of Pluto and Chiron combined with the unusualness and innovation of Neptune, promises to be a very powerful time for coming together into group process.

Our group process in the "Embrace of the Cosmic Mother Tele-Transmission" will be empowered with the intent to move more completely into full maturity as conscious beings of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit within our Cosmic Mother's loving embrace.

We will thank her and accept her process of releasing us into the Great Beyond to become that which she has represented to us since the birth of this universe.

We will offer our barriers to this movement, individually and collectively, into the transformational crucible of the "Divine Flame that does not Burn."

We will thus consciously begin the process of accepting the Cosmic Mother into our being thereby giving her new life and form as she liberates us fully into our unbounded creative potential as pure expressions of Divinity.

In the northern hemisphere this will carry more of the quality of involutionary harmonics that take us deep into the cosmic depths to better know ourselves.

In the southern hemisphere it will more prominently carry evolutionary harmonics that expand us into new states of awareness upon the cosmic pinnacles to better know our universe and all dimensions within it.

Working together, this becomes a complete energy form. We generally have people from both hemispheres in these tele-events and so we shall all serve as surrogates to bring these energies present into the group dynamics in the upcoming "Embrace of the Cosmic Mother Solstice Tele-Transmission."

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