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Xyx'Na Galactic Flash Point energy art for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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Xyx'Na ~ Sacred Galactic Flash Point
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra w/ Ascended Master Menon

I initially received this term Xyx'Na (ZYE-na) from Ascended Master Menon for the special Global Link Video Transmission by the same name. However, I did not know what it meant, or why it was being used in conjunction with this upcoming transmission!

I began asking Menon about this term and he came through with the following channeling transmission about it, wow! I love these kind of cosmic expansions in awareness! So, I am sharing this with you my beloved Family of Light in the oneness!

Ascended Master Menon: in the dimensional vastness of the manifest universe of oneness there are overlapping crystalline structures which become increasingly complex as the Creation Matrix adds additional strata to its design.

What you call density is but a vastly complex web of these crystalline structures all woven tightly together to form a sacred Nuba (noobah). This is a crystalline complex that has the capacity to gather a great deal of soul ray energy unto itself for sacred purpose.

The Earth exists within a sacred Nuba in the universe. It is the complexity and thus the density of the Nuba that gives it the ability to gather significant soul ray energies unto itself.

At each point where the crystalline strands of the universal structure or web intersect there is formed a receptor called a Ma'shin (MA-shin). It is these receptors that can receive soul-ray projections and give birth to collective realities.

In denser realms there are many more of these receptors in a given location in space-time than there is in their higher-dimensional reality counterparts. The net result is that more soul ray projections can be made there.

Yet at the same time these soul ray projections have greater limits placed upon them. It is the spacing or distance between the crystalline strands of the web of the Nuba which determine the limits or lack thereof.

This spacing is, however, not determined by linear measurements. It is rather a product of "Aq'na" (AK-nah), a unique combination of awareness, energy and consciousness potential which is determined by the iid Master Elohim Intelligence for incarnative soul ray activity in the universe.

The universe and its iid Master Elohim Intelligence is always in forward motion continually adapting, evolving and changing the formation of these crystalline structures that intersect and form the Ma'shin receptors.

There is a cosmic moment when a Nuba within these universal crystalline structures will reach a flash point. This occurs as its collective of soul ray projections develops its ability to stabilize the energy of the Magna Souls involved within the Nuba to a high enough degree.

A galaxy is the primary form a Nuba takes in lower dimensional manifestation. Your galaxy or Nuba is at its flash point. All dimensions and reality structures within your galaxy are now moving through the re-organization of the crystalline structure of the Nuba that has formed it. They must all move together in concert with each other.

This fosters even more unified effort and oneness within the Nuba. You can see now why you receive so much assistance from other dimensions of your galactic environment.

This co-supportive effort thus includes even the higher dimensional components and realities of your own Nuba. This activity actually extends beyond as well, because different Nuba are also inter-connected.

As this crystalline re-organization of a Nuba takes place, there are ripples or waves of energy which pass through it. These waves emanate from the Great Central Sun and are administered by the iid Master Elohim Intelligence.

These energy waves which ripple through the Nuba elicit a re-programming of the Aq'na within it. This re-programming of the Aq'na at the flash point of a Nuba is called Xyx'Na.

It is thus that your world is receiving the Xyx'Na as a result of these energy ripples passing through her Nuba from the Great Central Sun

This requires the final opening, clearing and re-programming of your Planetary Master Program. This program is held within what can rightly be called her seventh seal. This is, however, a far more expansive dynamic than can be defined by your linear sense of time and reality.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have chosen a synchronization with the mid-point of the 10th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light for your specific work with the flash point of Xyx'Na in your local galaxy.

Your soul merkabah, Simeon, and a few other resonant soul merkabahs present on Earth, have specific light-encoding which make this an optimal point in linear time for consciously connecting the aspects of the human collective you represent into the re-organization of the Nuba your planet resides within.

This will then also help synchronize your planetary collective into the opening and re-programming of your planet's Master Program held within her seventh seal.

There will be other soul merkabah groups who may engage this work at other points in linear time. As you enter this matrix for sacred purpose you will become increasingly aware of the activity of these other soul groups.

Be aware that the iid Master Elohim Intelligence in the universe is coordinating all of this activity, and that each soul group does its part according to the iid's Master Plan.

Stay focused on the miracle of this vast coordination with each new awareness you may receive regarding any others doing a similar work that may be coordinated with other linear time references. Celebrate the vast unity you have with them in sacred purpose, intent and desire.

It is now time for souls on Earth who are aligned to such sacred purpose to come to a higher degree of honor, respect and support for each other than ever before. This in turn facilitates the coordination elicited by the iid Master Elohim Intelligence.

As soul groups gather for this purpose around resonant linear time reference points, they become sacred vessels for bringing their whole immediate soul collective more fully into resonant harmony with the powerful ripples of energy passing through their sacred Nuba.

None of the souls gathering around such linear time reference points are constrained by them. They come together at those points in linear time solely for sacred purpose and service.

It is the willingness they exhibit to gather for such sacred purpose that harvests the great spiritual power within the energy waves from the Great Central Sun for themselves, their planetary collective and their Nuba.

It is a harvest of Supreme Love, Light and Joy... fill your hearts to overflowing and share this energy with all of your brothers and sisters on Earth!

You are now entering the Time of the Light on Earth.

In the Light of the Sacred Aton (Great Central Sun),
I AM Menon (an Ascended Master)

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