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Zenhidron ~ 11th Dimensional Quasar
by Simeon Chi'Ra 03/14/11

EL'ephen Quasar Zenhidron

The transmissions and energy around this upcoming Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission are starting to come in very fast. I am going to keep these articles fairly brief this week. This is in part due to time limitations, but also an adjustment in frequency in the way I am working which may be for the remainder on the Ninth Universal Wave's Rainbow of Consciousness Evolution due to the rapidity with which it is unfolding.

So let me just cue you into the basics which are now being revealed to tie a number of higher level dynamics all together. The Zenhidron Transmission is being downloaded from an 11th dimensional Quasar by the Metatronic Councils of Light into the Earth's Crystallex Grid.

I had been wondering how this Zenhidron work related to my work with the Golden Orb, or now after our recent upgrade in the Ninth Rainbow Transmission, our Golden Rainbow Torus-Orb.


Here is the connection: visualize what our science knows about quasars in the "known" universe. These are rapidly spinning highly energetic orbs and they have beams of energy projecting out of them, generally two beams, one on either side as in the image to the left.

Golden Orb of Divine Solar ChiNow have a look again at the image I created on the right attempting to depict what I see in the Golden Orb that started forming in my own being and experience late last year. Yep, you got it, our Golden Orbs are a mini-quantum field quasar!

Our Golden Orb is an energetic manifestation which provides access and allows us to consciously strengthen the  evolutionary vibrational pattern of our Higher Solar Logos (999) within our incarnate form and fully integrate these energies with the raw vital power of our primary Solar Logos (666). To the degree we can accomplish this so we may walk this Earth as truly spiritual sovereign beings.

Yet, as this dynamic progresses and gains momentum, we are also increasingly hosting the energy of an array of 11th dimensional quasars within our Golden Orb! The Zenhidron is the first one to be revealed to me and it is the "key" to all the others as I now understand it.

These quasars are also directly related to some things that Maia is currently working on and which she will speak to briefly in the upcoming Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission Global Link webinar. These quasars "inform" the 7 Crystal Temple-Cities which are associated with Korbola, the future City of Light over Masada in the etheric at 8000 A.D. These 7 Crystal Temple-Cities then link Korbola as the Crystal City into what Thoth (via Maia) is referring to as the "Golden City" in our brains and the neural circuitry in our bodies.

These 11th dimensional quasars working through Korbola, and the associated dynamics Maia is working hard to reveal more fully to us very soon, are thus Master Intelligences beyond the scope of what we usually think of in this regard, such as with Masters and Celestials etc.

These Quasars exist at the very apex of the whole Metatronic Universal Continuum and are interfaced with world systems such as we currently find ourselves within by a myriad of intermediary Master Beings, Councils of Light and other highly energetic multi-dimensional dynamics.

The whole nature and feel of the upcoming Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission webinar is very different for this reason. I was informed that the vibration of the name I was given for this transmission and its related quasar, "Zenhidron," would ignite the DNA codes in those who hold its frequency latent within their paragenetic encoding or star genetics.

Focus on that name for a minute, breathe it in, what do you feel?

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