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Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission
11th Dimensional Quasar
+ Full Moon-
Equinox-Uranus Dynamics

Numis'OM Planosphere by Maia Alaula Kamala Nartoomid - Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission Reality SeedingThere is an upcoming very powerful combination of a Full Moon, March Equinox (Vernal North - Autumnal South) and Uranus alignment at nearly zero degree Aries.

This is immediately following the mid-point of the First Heaven of the Ninth Universal Wave's Rainbow of consciousness evolution.

All of these factors amount to very fertile ground for seeding New Earth reality within the transitioning Old Earth collective consciousness field. For in-depth info on this particular astrological configuration please listen to my friend Cayelin Castell speaking about the astrology of this configuration.

In conjunction with this astrological configuration the Metatronic Councils of Light are transmitting an especially potent packet of encoded light frequencies into the crystallex consciousness grid of our planet and her collective soul.

They have given me the vibrational code-name "Zenhidron" for the portion of their transmission I am being called upon to facilitate. They have indicated that this name does not have a specific "meaning" in Earth terms but rather embodies a pure vibration that links consciousness directly into the packet of energy and consciousness they will be delivering into our collective planetary energy field.

The Zenhidron transmission is being sent through the apex matrix of the future-now City of Light named Korbola positioned in the etheric over Masada, Israel at approximately 8000AD in our linear Earth time coordinates. Within the Korbolan City of Light exists the Temple of Mirah which we will be guided to enter as a part of our participation with Lord Metatron and all associated Councils of Light (many).

Once our group energy and consciousness is within the Temple of Mirah we will open our star-grid axiotonal light bodies to be vessels for the Zenhidron frequency packets to be fully delivered and activated within our planet's crystallex grid and collective soul.

The Zenhidron transmission will focus through the lens of Korbola and into the greater matrix of the Templa Mar thereby interfacing it with the Earth's crystallex grid. Both Maia and I have worked previously a great deal with the Templa Mar and Korbola.

Maia's work brought awareness of these dynamics forth into the collective consciousness of our planet long before I knew her in this life (see more info links at end). She and others worked many years developing the Templa Mar matrix and anchoring it in various places on Earth prior to my involvement with her and then we continued with that work together thereafter.

I was getting information about this transmission taking place around 3/19-3/20/11 prior to my knowledge of the Equinox dynamics with the Full Moon and Uranus. I was so consumed by preparing for and handling matters around the recent Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness Web'Cosm Transmission (webinar) that I did not even consciously realize that the Equinox was coming up so soon.

I have a client-friend-colleague in Dubai (Karin) who indicated she was going to be on Masada on the 19th after I had previously brought through two transmissions for her from a Korbolan by the name of Yanni Houka and then later Master Menon which both indicated there would be a potential opening for her to visit Masada in the near future. It was her recent announcement that she was going to Masada on the 19th that triggered the download I started receiving about the Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission.

Interestingly enough, there was a HUGE energy staging-in for this transmission even as I was still working to facilitate the Ninth Rainbow transmission. Shortly after the Ninth Rainbow transmission the Japanese quake and tsunami occurred. After this planetary event the huge energy I was feeling staging-in for this transmission suddenly seemed to ground itself and could not be felt "in-waiting" in the same way.

Menon related to me that the Japanese quake and tsunami were openings whereby a significant portion of the foundational magnetic energy components of the Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission were downloaded into the crystallex grid of the planet. This occurred as the planetary geomagnetic fields started ringing like a bell in conjunction with the enormous power of the quake being released.

This sounded various harmonics in the planetary field which caused the energy staging-in to self-download accomplishing stage one of this transmission automatically. This is the Law of Divine Grace in action at its best because it would have been a very potent charge to handle through our human bodies otherwise.

Those souls that perished in the quake and resulting tsunami were part of a higher level movement wherein their souls chose to serve such a purpose. Their transitional movement across the veil was assisted by legions of Angelics with more than the usual assist because these souls were carrying aspects of the planetary consciousness with them that had to be transmuted as a service to the collective soul of humanity.

We all owe them a great deal of gratitude and should not hesitate to extend our hearts, love and compassion for their loved ones and their country which is reeling from the impact of such an enormous release of energy and will be for some time. These souls have received their ascension and are headed now into a New Earth orientation within the stepping-stone reality Thoth has called "Numis'OM."

Their country was also purified in some amazing ways and all their country men/women will benefit and emerge wherein they are positioned to be leaders in the global consciousness movement in a new way.

That said, there are still higher level components of the Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission which still need to be transmitted and those which have been downloaded have not yet been fully activated by human conscious interaction. This is what we are being called to facilitate.

I know more information will be forthcoming on the Zenhidron transmission. It is significant, and I am being prompted to facilitate this transmission through a special Global Link webinar and through other information being made available online and through this newsletter as I get the downloads this week.

We will have a physical representative present on Masada on 3/19/11 with my friend-client-colleague Karin. It was indicated to me by Menon that the proper sequencing was to have her on Masada on 3/19/11 as she was already planning so perfectly on her own.

She will be given one part of the process to work with on 3/19/11 with the initial Full Moon portal that opens us into the dynamic. Then as a group we will complete that process on 3/20/11 in conjunction with the Equinox. It might even be possible for her to join the group energy directly in the webinar then, but if not, she will have the written process we will be doing so she can connect in consciousness with the completion.

The bottom line is that the nature of the Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission is so significantly immense in terms of both its vibration and its energy potential that it must be brought through in a staged manner to be effective.

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