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Zero-point of consciousness beyond the speed of light, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
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Zero-Point of Consciousness
Physics Beyond the Speed of Light
by Simeon Chi'Ra 11/06/12
w/ Ascended Master Lord Menon

Zero-point as it relates to consciousness is an important concept to understand. It is also quite different than what science generally refers to as zero-point energy although they are related in principle. Master Menon tutored me in the differences last year.

Zero-point energy in science is defined as "the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have; it is the energy of its ground state" (Wikipedia). According to Lord Menon this is an accurate description of zero-point for the laws of physics which apply below the speed of light.

When we are speaking of consciousness principles, however, we are dealing with physics beyond the speed of light. Zero-point beyond the speed of light is defined by Lord Menon as being a governing principle for how consciousness interacts with both physical matter and the infinite sea of undifferentiated universal substance, the unmanifest universe, through the quantum field.

Zero-point beyond the speed of light, the zero-point of consciousness, is where our awareness folds back in upon itself so completely that its recursive motion then generates an infinite feedback loop somewhat like a black hole drawing everything into our core within the Divine Stillness.

As this occurs all of our energy polarities are brought to zero charge potential relative to each other, versus as a whole. In other words you can still have a high overall energy potential and be at zero-point if all polarities are balanced. This then forms a field of pure consciousness.

Awareness folding back in upon itself is none other than self-awareness. However, this is self-awareness effected right down to the quantum level of reality. Our journey into self-awareness begins on the "surface." It then expands into greater depth within our being.

Our journey into self-awareness thus generally begins with becoming aware of our limiting separative-self dynamics, what we call our ego. This is helpful, but at some point it then becomes a limitation all of its own that we must break free from.

This is when we must develop an awareness of our True Divine Self—SELF-AWARENESS. These two stages generally overlap for quite awhile and it can be rather confusing! This is where a significant number of us are on planet Earth right now. The key to making this transition gracefully is to learn to stay focused in the right way at all times.

This requires turning our consciousness back in upon itself over and over ad infinitum until it becomes a set habitual pattern of its own. "There is no out there" must become our only mantram. We must persistently watch the incessant activity of our mind and emotions as they naturally project "out there" someplace because of an age old habit of looking for the cause of what we are experiencing inside ourselves someplace else other than inside of ourselves.

A battle it is not though. The very idea of doing battle with projections outside of self only reinforces them. When we reach this level of our evolution, like King Arthur handing his sword back to the Lady in the Lake, we must walk away from the warrior/warrioress roles that have served us well up to this point. Easier said than done!

This is where learning how to truly access the zero-point of consciousness becomes extremely useful. All we need do then is to utilize this skill repeatedly until our consciousness no longer projects externally regardless of what is occurring in our lives.

THAT is True Self empowerment, and nothing has any sway over us after this has been accomplished! We are then clearly focused and anchored within the Divine Stillness of our Source Intelligence... fully aware... full of our True Nature of Pure Love present within our human forms... just waiting for an opportunity to be able to flow our love into other beings needing to remember who they are too.

In the Temple of EL'Sha ~ Zero-Point of Divine Stillness video transmission, Master Menon directly facilitates the entire meditational EL'Sha Zero-Point process except for the final Gaia An'Ma transmission which is facilitated by our lovely resident Goddess Karen Ani'Ra as usual. Menon is in rare form doing this for us as he reaches right down into our human hearts in a very special way to help us access the zero-point of consciousness.

This truly is the most important Temple of them all! There is quite a powerful teaching associated with it as well! You will also be able to download a very hi-res poster-sized version (3184 x 2550) of the special Temple of EL'Sha energy-art I created from our brother RayMond's New Earth sacred geometry design seen at the top of this page!

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