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Zir'Ra'Ta Multi-dimensional Solar Integration, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.<

Multi-dimensional Solar Integration
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 8/6/12
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

Zir'Ra'Ta (zeer-RAH-tah) is the universal life-stream that takes form in our world as the honey bee, and to a lesser degree the bumble bee.

The ancients in Atlantis used the honey bee as a symbol of the sacred Solarius. It is no wonder that they did so because Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na has recently revealed to me that honey bees are a pure form of Solar Angelic manifesting in our world.

Honey bees are keepers of the original template of life vitality, that which is represented in the pure energy form of the 666, alive through their hive. The hexagonal honeycomb they create is a pure manifestation of this energy according to Shi'Ra.

Honey bees also have access to our Higher Solar Paradigm, the 999 or Cube of Stars. They thus help bring these two domains or dimensions of Solar Consciousness energy together into a more unified holographic form in the Earth. In simple terms this involves the union of the Earthly Fire of Life Vitality with the Heavenly Fire of Divine Love.

The queen bee in a honey bee colony embodies the pure energy of Ona'Ra, the One Sun or Great Central Sun. Out of Ona'Ra emerges the Soul Light of many beings just as the honey bees all emerge from their queen.

The honey bees are also primarily female, only a few males exist in each colony. A honey bee hive is therefore a powerful and pure Divine Feminine manifestation on Earth operating within Solar Angelic frequencies of Light.

This month's 08:08:12 Oneness Love La'kina transmission involves Zir'Ra'Ta, the universal life stream of the honey bee and to lesser extent the bumble bee. The other-worldly Gift of Zir'Ra'Ta that Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is bridging into our planet for us emanates from a star cluster known commonly as the beehive cluster, and in higher dimensional star-tribe language as Ga'Ba'Ran (GAH-bah-rahn).

This other-worldly manifestation of Zir'Ra'Ta from Ga'Ba'Ran has very powerful integrating harmonics which can bring together all dimensions and domains of Solar Consciousness. This energy can be very helpful in resolving the dimensional fragmentation so many are experiencing right now as we open very rapidly into a more holographic form of multi-dimensional experience.

Our brother in Oneness Love, Joshua Farmer, has again gifted us with some special channeled musical accompaniment for this transmission's video. You can access the full Zir'Ra'Ta PDF with all the rest of the background information on this transmission, and Joshua's Zir'Ra'Ta song MP3 as our gifts.

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