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This FREE Cosmic Consciousness Online newsletter delivers higher dimensional channeling information, oneness energy and higher consciousness directly related to the development of our New Earth.

Everything offered through our free newsletter and website is intended to help you connect with and experience the cosmic plane of awareness and states of oneness more profoundly.

Our offerings also therefore help you to realize your True Self as a member of the universal Family of Light in oneness.

This newsletter announces new features, activations, oneness facilitations, Family of Light channeling articles, higher consciousness MP3 audio and WMV videos, spiritual metaphysical eBooks, cosmic meditations, oneness energy channeling webinars and anything else offered by Cosmic Consciousness Online.

Simeon and Karen of Cosmic Consciousness OnlineWe look forward to having you in our Family of Light and oneness!

We know you will just LOVE the FREE Heart Breathing for Ascension eBook gift too! (normally $9.99 in our Awakening Store)

A welcome email with your FREE GIFT will be sent to you right after you've subscribed!

IF you are already subscribed and do not yet have this gift please contact me to obtain your FREE GIFT!

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