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Cosmic Membership and Global Community for our Global Family of Light of Oneness Love from Cosmic Consciousness Online

Ascension Membership Program
A Cosmic Global Community
New Earth Ship of Light

Subscribe to Maia's Kyi'Ra Portal

There is something here for everyone who is dedicated to the evolution of their consciousness and the Ascension of their being! Our Ship of Light has room for YOU and we would love your special love-light on-board with us too!

On a practical level this Membership Program offers some convenience and economy!

Convenience: all relative content is listed in the various Member Portals even if it is publically available so you do not have to hunt around finding things, it is all there in one location!

Economy: for one monthly love-offering you can now have access to the cosmically creative efforts of Simeon, Maia, or both instead of purchasing numerous individual items all the time!

Main Member Portal: featured in this portal are the monthly Oneness Love La'kina video transmissions (read comments). You get access to all previous and future transmissions! See list of all available transmissions and download free PDF copies!

Additionally, you will find videos, MP3 audio, energy-art and PDF eBooks available for viewing and/or download in the Main Member Portal. These are all materials created by Simeon Chi'Ra and Maia Kyi'Ra.

ALL registered Members at any level can access the main Member's Portal. This level of Membership is available on an honorary basis for anyone who needs this type of assistance too... a measure of Divine Grace!

There are also two PREMIUM Content Member Portals:

  • The Chi'Ra Portal.
  • The Kyi'Ra Portal.

Videos in BOTH of the above portals are viewable online in full-screen hi-res formats (just like at Vimeo or YouTube)!

The Chi'Ra Portal: features special premium content in the form of MP3 audio, videos, eBooks and digital energy-art by Simeon Chi'Ra.

Simeon Chi'Ra's webinar transmission videos are also made available here long before they are offered free to the general public, usually within 7-14 days of the live event!

Amazing hi-res energy-art slides from Simeon Chi'Ra's webinars are also made available here.

In fact, if you subscribe to the Universalis Package (access to all portals) at $66.66 per month or above, you will be automatically registered for ALL Simeon Chi'Ra's webinars and you will receive the access information and emails with video download links directly after the live event without having to do anything!

Some of the video and eBook packages available for sale in Simeon Chi'Ra's The Awakening Store are also available for free here. Others may be available at a discount.

There are also surprise Cosmic Goodies offered here occassionally as well!

The Kyi'Ra Portal: features videos and energy-art by Maia Kyi'Ra. Examples of her work can be found in her Spirit Store Online.

The pay-for videos she has available in her Spirit Store are also available here in her Kyi'Ra Portal. Those videos which have free download options in her Spirit Store are available in the Main Member Portal for all Members to benefit from.

Hand-picked selections of some of Maia's pay-for energy-art as seen in her Spirit Store are offered in her Kyi'Ra Member Portal also.

Additionally, Maia offers special member pricing on all her personal services (member pricing is listed on each service's web page) to her Kyi'Ra Portal Members. Simply login and follow the instructions at the top of the Kyi'Ra Portal page to obtain your member pricing.

You can see a very nice 2 minute video which outlines Maia's Kyi'Ra Portal content, theme and artistry.

Subscribe to Maia's Kyi'Ra Portal

Both of these Premium Content Member Portals as well as the Main Member Portal receive regular updates with new content, and all Members are notified whenever there are updates!

We would love to have you on this journey with us as part of our Cosmic Consciousness Global Community and Family of Oneness Love-Light!

Have a look at these totally Ra'some Membership packages...

There are four Memberships:

  • Main Member Portal (Sliding-scale and Honorary).
  • Chi'Ra Portal (Simeon's premium stuff + Main Portal).
  • Kyi'Ra Portal (Maia's premium stuff + Main Portal) - Subscribe Now.
  • Universalis Package (Premium - includes ALL 3 Portals above).
       BONUS: automatic hassle-free registrations for all of Simeon Chi'Ra's
       webinars if you subscribe at $66.66 per month or above!

The HONORARY (means free) option in the form below requires your credt card info, but you will NOT be billed now or ever by selecting it FROM THE DROP DOWN LIST.

Using this automated sign-up process helps save me a lot of manual time and effort, which in turn helps me to be able to keep offering honorary options!

Therefore, if it's at all possible, I totally appreciate your using the automated system below for honorary signup. However, if there are reasons why you cannot use it, please contact me to request a manual Honorary Membership setup.

Welcome aboard our Ship of Oneness Love-Light... you will get immediate access to the Members Portal(s) permitted by your Membership level after joining!

If you wish to upgrade/downgrade or reactivate an expired account, you MUST enter your EXISTING login information CORRECTLY or you will have two accounts and billings!

You can also just contact me and request your upgrade/reactivation.

After you subscribe you will receive an email transaction confirmation which will have all the information you need to login and manage your account!

  MAIA'S Kyi'Ra Member Portal  
  Maia's Premium Content, includes Main Member Portal   
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Main Member Portal
Oneness Love La'kina videos, Member Forums, MORE!
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Chi'Ra Member Portal
Simeon's Premium Content, includes Main Member Portal
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Universalis - ALL Member Portals
Includes all webinars at $66.66 or above!
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