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Encoding for Oneness on Earth
MP3 Audio Transmission with Simeon Chiron

10:10:10, Time-Gates and Fractal Time

Would you like to experience a new dimension of the Power of One! The 10:10:10 'time-gate' offers us an incredible potential to further activate the inherent Oneness Code within our DNA.

The numeral 10, has the "1" and the "0" in it obviously. There is a beautiful symbology present in the number 10 -- from the zero-point field emerges the experience of Oneness.

Visually it looks like it is the other way around with the "1" coming first. If read right to left, however, like in many of the sacred languages and in computer binary code which also uses 1's and 0's, the "0" then comes first!

A bit of mind play to be sure, but it helpts to highlite the point that our experience of Oneness emerges from the zero-point field, accessed through our infnity point.

As Gregg Braden indicates in his recent book "Fractal Time," fractal time is in the process of coming to an end. What exactly is "Fractal Time"? Fractals are formed from equations that are recursive.

This means they keep repeating the same pattern ad infinitum. So it is with fractal time as well, the same patterns keep repeating by taking different forms. We can easily see this represented in the history of mankind on the Earth.

So, then why are we using time-gates like 9:9:9 and 10:10:10? The answer is that these time-gates are actually vibrational nodes that can re-program DNA and lead us OUT of fractal time. They are synchronized with specific vibrational points on the linear fractal time-grid, but they are not born of it.

Time-gates are comprised of higher-dimensional 'packets' of light encoding that can re-spatialize our relationship to time by altering the chronos functions in our light body and DNA. This re-programming is happening to everyone on the planet regardless of whether they are aware of, or believe in, this time-gate dynamic.

However, for those of us who are consciously aware of, and consciously participate with this dynamic, we become as surrogates for the whole planetary collective and receive a significant Grace Factor to assist us for doing so.

In other words, for our service to the whole collective we get to experience the leading edge of the quantum energy wave which is dissolving fractal time in our own experience, ahead of the curve, and with Divine Grace to assist!

Each time-gate that syncs with a harmonic node like 9:9:9 or 10:10:10 etc, represents a vibrational step on our Stairway to Heaven. There are macro-cosmic universal harmonic series that are meant to form our vibrational path "home." This is what we see represented in the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

Certain subsets of these harmonic series can be used in Light Body and DNA re-programming and re-calibration functions. This is what we find in the time-gate series of harmonics. These functions were created and are administered by various higher-dimensional agencies and groupings of beings.

I was inspired to facilitate a transmission for the purpose of consciously accessing the 10:10:10 time-gate. I invite you to partake of this very wonderful bit of Cosmic Light-Love work to liberate yourself and others on this planet from the recursive loops of fractal time.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

Encoding for Oneness on Earth Part 1 (48:05 | 68 MB)

Encoding for Oneness on Earth Part 2 (35:24 | 50 MB)

If you do not already have it, I highly receommend my "Heart Breathing" e-Book which defines a process that supports and facilitates your dedication to embodying Unity Consciousness and Oneness on Earth.

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