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999 Cube of Stars
MP3 Audio Transmission

Original Info: on September 9th, 2009 we will pass through the last 999 time gate within the old paradigm reality of the Earth!

999 Cube of Stars PosterEach 999 time gate is a centennial event occurring only once every 100 years. The sequence of 999 time gates was originally activated as a harmonic series by the Illumined Ones in 12391 B.C. using our current calendar as a reference.

As of September 9th, 2009 we will have thus passed through 144 of these 999 time gates since their inception spanning 14,400 years of Earth time.

The 999 time gates are micro-bursts of higher dimensional cosmic energy that have been slowly but surely preparing us for total inversion of the 666 harmonics into the 999 harmonics as a collective consciousness. The 666 is what Thoth calls the "Ptah Threshold."

It is the vibration of Solar Law held within our star-sun's indigenous Program of Light. It is the "lesser" or more limited Solar Logos of our solar system that has provided stability and gotten us this far.

The 999 is what Thoth has called the "Cube of Stars." This is the next ordering of Solar Law which is held within the second or higher dimensional Solar Logos of our star-sun.

This second higher Solar Logos in our system is a holographic projection from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion and represents our collective future in the New Earth Star.

I am being strongly guided to celebrate and facilitate the movement of our planetary consciousness through this last 999 time gate with a powerful tele-transmission event.

My poster for this event is on seen upper left -- download it in hi-res for free and use it however you wish provided that it remains unaltered and in its original form. All registered participants will receive a hi-res version of the Meditation Mandala that is NOT posterized for use in the Tele-Transmission meditation process for going beyond the 666 Solar Threshold.

This last 999 micro-burst of cosmic energy will not be just the next ordering and level of 999 harmonics, it will also have all the final codes of liberation from the older Ptah Threshold embedded within its frequency matrix to complete the entire 999 time gate harmonic series.

I will offer my own unique process for proper alignment with and access of the 999 encodings in the upcoming tele-transmission on 9/9/9. Those who are able to access these codes correctly will quicken their DNA into the 999 frequency matrix for all of humanity as "harmonic openers of the way" on the final leg of our collective journey beyond 9/9/9.

Together we will form a heart-centered group merkabah to celebrate and facilitate this momentous time on our beloved Terra by embodying to the highest degree possible the final 999 codes of liberation from the limitations of the 666 old paradigm Solar Laws. A new Solar Lion will roar in our collective heart after we pass through this final 999 time gate.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

Download MP3 Recording: 1:23:43 | 114MB | 192Kbps

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