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A Drink from the Platinum Grail
a Tele-Transmission from 4/5/09 

Original Information: the Platinum Ray is one of the primary new rays ushering in unity consciousness on Earth. The Platinum Grail is both a metaphorical symbol for that which holds the Divine Elixir of Oneness and is also an actual 5th through 7th dimensional holographic ritual initiatic object used in some of the etheric temples and retreats by the Masters. I was given a glimpse of this magnificent Grail Cup in a vision and it was truly indescribable in beauty and the energy it emanated was other-worldly exquisite.

We will be working with the Sirian Trinary High Council and the Illumined Master Menon for this activation. Join us for opening the Unity Lotus within your Light Body and drink from the limitless flow of the Divine Elixir of Oneness ushering forth from the Platinum Grail. This is a unique version of the Platinum Grail initiation conducted in the etheric temples and retreats.

This event will be between one and two hours in duration, so you should allow two hours in your schedule. It is also suggested you have about an hour free time to lie down and relax afterwards for proper integration to occur. Your facilitator, guide and co-initiate will be Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid.

Additional Information: I (Simeon Chiron) was guided this morning to provide some further information on the upcoming "A Drink from the Platinum Grail" initiation.

The Sirian star system is a very key element in the entire ascension process of Earth and her collective of human souls. The Sirian system is a focal point for universal and galactic levels of karma or imbalance to be transmuted thus allowing the macro-cosmic evolutionary Programs of Light overseen by Higher Councils of Light to be administered more effectively. You can think of the three star Sirian system as an universal harmonic balancer in this parsec of the universe.

The three stars of Sirius also have a correlation to three geographic locations on our planet in the Middle East. Maia brought through information on this from Thoth back in 1997 on this topic. From our publication Temple Doors Volume 04, 1997:

". . .Jerusalem-Mecca then become the common points of interface through Sirius for the inversion of the 666, or Light trapped within matter, to the 999, or Light redeemed and freed from bondage within matter; for the planet Earth in this galactic scenario. Jerusalem is inter-connected with Sirius A, and Mecca is inter-connected with Sirius B."

"Thoth: The 'Heart of the Lion' is formed by Jerusalem and Mecca: the DARK cube (Kabba) aligns with Mecca, and the STAR cube (Ormid) aligns with Jerusalem. The lemniscate (infinity eight loop) between the two is the 'field of the heart,' with the center point being the actual 'Heart of the Lion.' This center point is geographically located near Al Wadjh, Saudi Arabia. Here, buried beneath the sand is the ancient city of Merazhadec - the 'Lion of Judah.' This city was also known in later times (but still very ancient by our standards - JGM) as Jiddi."

"The current city 'Jiddi,' or 'Judah,' next to Mecca, was named after the more ancient Merazhadec / Jiddi that was located near Al Wadjh. The center point at Al Wadjh represents Sirius C, a hidden star of Sirius, thus creating a trinity the ancients called 'Hebola,' the name of the power triangle formed in Sirius by these 3 stars (i.e. Sirius A, B and C). In most ancient Egypt this Sirian trinity was also represented by the Royal Family of Osiris (Father-God: Sirius A), Isis (Mother-Goddess: Sirius B) and Horus (Son-Christ: Sirius C)."

It is through this area on our globe then that planetary karma is being brought to the fore and subjected to the high frequency energies of Sirian transmutational dynamics. The trinary Sirian system ties into the Earth, allowing what otherwise might be imbalances that might otherwise destroy the Earth, to be allowed passage into higher realms where they are transmuted and returned to Source.

The three Sirian rays thus penetrate the etheric envelope of the Earth thus sending out ripples of energy throughout the planetary energy environment "ringing" it like a bell. These tones cause the heart of Gaia, the Holy of Holies in the center of our planet, to respond with an enormous pulse that returns to the Sirian system as a single ray.

It is in the heart of this dynamic that the Platinum Ray emerges. The Platinum Ray unifies and operates at a very high cosmic level. It is not necessarily a warm and fuzzy ray, yet it is the pure embodiment of compassion emanating from the level of unity consciousness.

The Platinum Grail or Graal is the sacred containment vessel which is formed to hold the rarified stellar elixir of deliverance of all duality into the hands of a unified field of energy operating in absolute balance. "When thine eye be single" speaks to the unity consciousness held within the Platinum Grail.

The "Drink from the Platinum Grail" initiation I am facilitating this Sunday 4/5/09 (9+9=18=9) represents another octave of opening of the Platinum Grail to the collective human soul. It is a personal infusion of unity consciousness as well as a planetary service. It also is meant to elicit a very powerful return pulse from our hearts in concert with the Heart of Gaia to the Sirian system which in turn activates the Sirian trinary ray system at a new level of operation which then increases the frequency of the ray vectors emanating from Sirius and interpenetrating the Earth, which in turn then elicits a even stronger response from Gaia and on it goes.

The incredible power of this dynamic is witnessed in many ways. We can see it represented in the fierceness often associated with archetypes like Sekhmet. This is an archetype that comes straight from Sirius and represents the Dweller on the Threshold. In other words, you face this dynamic when attempting to make passage into higher and more expanded worlds of awareness and consciousness. Yet, you cannot carry density forth into those realms. If you are not completely ready and few ever are, you therefore either face the searing transmutative forces of the Sirian "Solar Lion" dynamics or you are turned back with great power, both are often felt as a lion-like ferocity. This is a higher level functioning of the Law of Divine Grace meant to protect the initiate that was not yet ready.

We are being given an opportunity to help this dynamic accelerate its transmutative dynamics for the benefit of ourselves and our beloved Earth. It truly is a drink of very sacred elixir from the Platinum Grail. The Sirian Solar Lords (Lion-Headed Ones), the High Sirian Trinary Council which works directly with the ray vectors being projected from Sirius A-B-C and in particular the Master Menon who is a first ray Sirian Solar Lord will be working with us and overseeing the initiation.

We will NOT experience the ferocity the ancients did, however. Our vibrational frequency on the planet now is much higher actually and there is less of a harmonic gap. We additionally have some higher mandates in place now that allow beings such as those we will be working with to modulate the whole dynamic much more than was possible in the past. A Grace Factor is offered us if you will.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

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