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The Embrace of the Cosmic Mother
Energy Transmission MP3 - 12/21/09

The Cosmic Mother is the matrix, or womb, from which our manifest universe was birthed. Out of the original "birthing of Creation" new universes and realities are continually created from this same dynamic. 

Each birth spawns an infinite myriad of other possibilities and potentials for new emerging births.  This occurs within the greater creational matrix of the Cosmic Mother. Each time we are individually and collectively birthed, we enter new awareness.

As a collective we are on the verge of being birthed into an entirely new universal awareness. This is analogous to a child developing its own distinct sense of self in order to differentiate its own identity in the world. The wise and aware mother knows in her heart that this is meant to be. She embraces the child with a new form of love and slowly releases her protective envelope.  This enables the child to have the experiences it requires to develop its consciousness.

In this same way, we have collectively arrived within the embrace of the Cosmic Mother, to be loved and released into a new awareness. This dynamic is intensifying as we approach our passage through the cosmic mile marker of 2012.

Between now and then we have the opportunity to release barriers to the emergence of the direct experience of who we really are. The more energetic clarity we achieve in this regard, the more naturally and smoothly we will experience the profound new energies and responsibilities unfolding in our experience even now.

The Cosmic Mother's final embrace is one which heals and transforms very deeply. It is a Divine kiss of love which fully embraces who we are now, and simultaneously sends us forth with the power of our greatest potential.

As The Cosmic Mother releases us, she also releases her entire previous role with us. This is an alchemy whereby we become and embody the Cosmic Mother’s Matrix. Thus, as we continue to experience the birthing of new awareness, we will now embody the matrix from which it emerges.

This transmission facilitates an acceleration of the maturing of cosmic consciousness, activating the final preparation of your physical bodies, energy bodies, light bodies and consciousness for 2012. Take this journey and open to the Embrace of the Cosmic Mother for very deep healing, clearing, transformation and alignment.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

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