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The Nature and Purpose of Evolution
Energy Transmission MP3

In this special Cosmic Universe-ity MP3 audio presentation, you will experience a powerful transmission of information and cosmic awareness that holds some very key understandings about the nature of evolution itself that have been revealed to me in my mystical journey's within the Cosmic Plane of Awareness.

In this MP3 I relate the details of a profound mystical experience I had in early 2006 which unfolded at the end of a 3-4 month series of meditations that began with a simple question about the purpose of life.

This series of meditations concluded with a profound mystical experience directly with the  living light-form of the Heart of God, my own CORE BEING. I came away from that experience not only with the awareness to comprehend the purpose of life on a universal level, but as a transformed being who had been initiated into the Greater Mysteries of the Universe at a whole new octave of understanding.

The mystical experience I describe in this audio presentation is also greatly enhanced by the other information and awareness I impart to you. This other information provides the proper context for the whole experience so it forms a greater hologram of awareness.

Some other keynotes from this audio presentation:

  • The two main strata of evolution -- the Lesser and Greater Evolutions -- the linear and non-linear evolutions. 
  • Macrocosmic cycles of evolution -- Big Bangs and Crunches.
  • The soul's journey in individuation and evolution -- Earth and beyond.
  • Consciousness evolution, love and eternity.
  • The Sentient, Intellectual and Consciousness Soul evolutions on Earth.
  • The entire purpose of evolution and the Universe itself.
  • The eventual dissolution of Soul individuality and eternal life.
  • The extraordinary living light-form of the Heart of God-Spirit-Source and the Greater Evolution.
Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

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