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New Earth CosmiGenesis
Pure Gem DNA Activations
using MP3 Audio and Images
created by Simeon Chi'Ra

These sound-light frequencies in the form of MP3 audio and computer graphic digital imagery are being transmitted by the Source Totality through the Great Central Sun into and through our galactic core.

These are entirely new harmonics being issued which upgrade the crystalline DNA within our Adam Kadmon Divine Human template to resonance-match the universal shifts in the evolutionary pattern now taking place.

In essence, these sound-light frequencies are pure awareness potentials that can be incorporated into the formation of our Pure Gem Body. Simply put, the Pure Gem Body is our New Earth Light Body.

Our Light Body informs our "physical body" which is a manifestation of it at a lower frequency level. To bring entirely new potentials for creating a New Earth into our conscious human experience we first need to bring them into the formation of our New Earth Light Body or Pure Gem Body.

These new reality potentials are integral with what is now being delivered into our overall system through the 144,000 EL'epehen 11th Dimensional Quasars via the "undigested" New Earth flame geometries. These raw primal New Earth flame geometries were first downloaded into our planetary crystallex grid during the recent 2011 March Equinox / Full Moon / Uranus portal.

The group energy of my 3/27/11 webinar the "Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission" helped facilitate that download as well the New Earth operating system that was installed by the Metatronic Councils of Light.

These New Earth flame geometries are now streaming in with great power beckoning us to locate and "unpack" them in order to create our New Earth with the entirely new reality potentials contained within them.

Master Menon overlights me as I tune into these frequencies streaming from the Great Central Sun to bring their sound-light frequencies into our physical manifest plane of reality through these MP3 audio files and their accompanying graphic imagery.

These frequency harmonics have an essence which can be somewhat described with words through the use of "keynotes." These keynotes are provided for each New Earth CosmiGenesis activational sound-light frequency transmission.

Each CosmiGenesis Pure Gem DNA Activational tone sequence also has an underlying binaural right-left brain hemisphere synchronization tone built into it. The frequencies for each of these are being provided by Master Menon.

The tones are produced using my own voice which translates the etheric frequencies and waveform harmonics into audible sound creating the bridge. These vocal intonations are then put through a series of post-production audio filters and processes as I AM overlighted by Master Menon.

Not much more can be said, just experience them and allow the energies to activate and inform you. Not everyone will experience the same thing with them. Whatever is uniquely needing to shift, activate or be downloaded for each individual in order to facilitate incorporation of these frequencies within their Pure Gem Body will occur.

There is a suggested beginning procedure for engaging these New Earth CosmiGenesis frequencies. This is not required, but it is a good starting point for dancing gracefully with these crystalline New Earth energies if you do not have a real clear sense of how to start otherwise.

Once you start engaging these frequencies and bringing them into your New Earth Pure Gem Light Body they will begin informing you more completely on how to evolve your own procedure for working with them most effectively.

My GODS Chi and Heart-Breathing procedures are central to the suggested beginning procedure.

Unique CosmiGenesis sound-light MP3 and imagery frequencies are also now being incorporated into the Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmission Matrix. These are slightly different CosmiGenesis Pure Gem DNA Activational Sound and Light frequency sets which are  facilitating the 13 Heaven-Pulses of Light through Higher Solar Archangel Arhaiel and are only available by joining this group energy matrix.

See the listing below for currently available New Earth CosmiGenesis Pure Gem DNA Activational Sound and Light frequency transmissions.

New Earth CosmiGenesis Pure Gem DNA Activations

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