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New Earth Star Toroidal Temple
a Tele-Transmission from 6/7/09

Original Info: we are currently in the process of a great transition into a new Toroidal Temple format on Earth.

A toroid is a geometric shape that looks like a standard donut with a hole in the center. This is a sacred geometric shape that can fully embody the unity and love of God-Spirit-Source.

In the higher Metatronic dimensions of reality the living light form of the torus has all points upon it equal to infinity. In other words, consciousness can "touch" any point upon such a living light form and thus be given direct access to the Infinite Source of All Being.

The temples on Earth have traditionally used various forms of initiation that operated in a spiralic and/or hierarchical format. In other words, all initiates went through a similar process with some initiates then assuming positions in the matrix as initiators of others to follow behind them.

This involved a linear sequence of unfoldment and the initiates were for the most part limited to the particular revolution of the vertical spiral their initiator was working upon.

In the New Earth Toroidal Temple there is no such limitation. There are also no initiators, although many souls will serve as wayshowers and guides (Derekim) in the early stages of this matrix's development.

The Sacred Flow of Life itself becomes the one and only initiator needed. Wayshowers and guides simply help others understand what they are experiencing and how to maximize the potentials being offered to them through their contact with the Toroidal Temple matrix.

When the Master Isho'a (Yeshua/Jesus) graced this planet with his profound Presence over 2,000 years ago, he introduced the Metatronic New Earth Toroidal Temple to humanity in an exoteric way as well as solidly grounding it esoterically.

He attempted to liberate us from the constraints of the old linear and spiralic formats. He helped us see that we can have direct access to the full potential of Divinity.

He told us that the Greater Kingdom was within each one of us. He told us there was no cultural or religious boundaries that made any difference in this regard, it was the same potential for all.

This all-inclusiveness is one of the earmarks of the operative principles of the New Earth Toroidal Temple which is administered within the greater field of Universal Christ Consciousness.

Master Isho'a also told us the way into this new temple (the domain of the heavenly Father/Mother) was through him. That statement was meant to convey that by following his basic example and seeking to understand the level of consciousness he was operating at we each would eventually develop the awareness and consciousness necessary to move more fully into the Toroidal Temple of the New Earth and serve then as guides for others. Well, here we are two thousand years later and we are finally about ready!

In this Tele-Transmission AND direct energetic attunement you will learn about the sacred geometry of the New Earth Toroidal Temple.

 You will also learn how to maximize your ability to access it for transformation, healing and ascension work of any sort. You will additionally experience a meditative journey guided by Master Isho'a (Yeshua) into the Toroidal Temple of the New Earth Star within the Metatronic (full-light) aspect of the cosmos.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

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