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Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace
Energy Transmission 4/26/09 

Original Information: world peace depends on inner peace. Happiness depends on inner peace. Manifestation depends on inner peace. Higher consciousness depends on inner peace. Unity depends on inner peace. Ascension depends on inner peace.

Being able to attain and sustain true states of inner peace is a pre-requisite skill to completing the ascension process for ourselves and our planet. When we reside in a state of inner peace, that is the energy state we contribute to our collective energy environment. The energy of inner peace stabilizes and increases the planetary frequencies in a very powerful way.

Thoth told us through Maia years ago that a pre-requisite to the Planetary Ascension was the Heart Ascension. The key to understanding the state of consciousness represented in the Heart Ascension according to Thoth is that you will no longer wish to be anyplace other than where you are in the moment. In other words you will be fully and divinely present in each moment continually. If you can learn to sustain inner peace continually you are there because when you are in deep inner peace you have no desire to be anyplace else!

The harmonizing waves of peace our hearts emanate in such a state will penetrate beyond our planet into the furthest reaches of the cosmos across all dimensional membranes of space, time and reality in a non-local effect appearing simultaneously within all points of infinite space. We are thus able to contribute very powerful harmonizing potentials to our planet and the cosmos by learning to achieve and sustain states of inner peace.

When we come together as a group in the name of the Spirit of Love and Peace our ability to achieve such states and the power we have to harmonize our planet and the cosmos is exponentially increased. I have come to realize this is some of the most intrinsically powerful light and love work to be done on this planet by human beings at this time.

We will be dedicating our personal efforts and accomplishments to the benefit of all beings everywhere and we will receive assistance from the Illumined Ones we work with through this Station of Light. Wisdom, powerful tools and esoteric techniques will be taught and shared along with meditations, prayers, sharing and discussion.

Join me (Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid) as your facilitator for a ninety minute Tele-Gathering to deepen and expand your abilities to achieve states of inner peace and to sustain them as we open the Lotus of Inner Peace within our individual and collective hearts. This event is being held within a three day sacred window after the New Moon that begins the Wesak Festival lunar cycle. This gathering will thus also be an excellent attunement to the sacred festivities taking place in the realms of Shambhala during Wesak.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

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