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Returning to Essence, the Twelfth Heaven
Energy Transmission MP3 11/8/09

Original Info: "Essence" is defined in Webster's Unabridged International Dictionary as:

  • Something that is or exists; entity
  • That which makes something what it is; intrinsic fundamental nature (of something); essential being.
  • A substance that keeps in concentrated form the flavor, fragrance, or other properties of the plant, drug, food, etc from which it is extracted; essential oil...
  • In philosophy, that which constitutes the inward nature of anything, underlying its manifestations; true substance.

In the essential oils of plants we have their finest qualities refined into a pure form wherein we can enjoy those subtle properties in a very powerful way.

In many ways the ascension and transformation is much like the process wherein essential oils are distilled from plants, but applied to human awareness and the consciousness which arises from it.

The distillation of a plant's essential oil requires a specific type of alchemy, and the distillation of the human essence or spirit from its form takes another type of alchemy. Yet the underlying principles are the same in both forms of alchemy.

The process of distillation of human essence or spirit from the denser form is in fact being facilitated by much larger powers than any of us individually or even collectively.

Yet we have a distinct co-creative role in this process. Much of this role is related to how we experience the journey. Experiencing it in joy facilitates the process for all. When we fight the process this creates difficulty for all. Its never just about any one of us alone.

Right now, as I write, many, many people are experiencing one stage of this distillation process at the hand of the enormously powerful universal harmonics identified in the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

We are in the final 20 day period (uinal) prior to entry into the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld. The Sun is also now in the sign of Scorpio, its esoteric symbol being the Phoenix rising from the ashes and we are approaching the 11:11 gateway which is about activating our galactic DNA.

The old forms we have been using, even in our spiritual work and practices, are now falling away with increasing rapidity. This is all a part of our return to our essential nature of being in pure awareness, love and spirit.

Our essential nature has of course been there with us all along, yet our conscious focus went off into a myriad of other directions for aeons sort of fragmenting our energy field.

Now, we are gathering back all those fragments of ourselves scattered across time-space and countless incarnations upon this planet. This is an important movement towards moving more fully into experiencing our essence on the manifest plane that we find ourselves within currently.

Unity consciousness is ultimately rooted in Essential Being, for there we find our nature within all things, and all things can be found within our own nature.

As the Mayans say, "In La'kech," or "I am another you." Those who originally coined this term operated in their essential nature and experienced directly its truth. It was not a philosophical or intellectual concept to them, but rather what they experienced directly.

As we enter into the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld and experience its powerful frequency shifts taking us further and deeper into the experience of our own essential beingness, we need more than ever to be consciously and clearly focused on the essential nature we all share.

I am thus being guided, on the day we enter the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld, to do a Tele-Transmission for the purpose of clearing the path for greater conscious clarity of focus within our true essential nature of pure awareness, love and spirit.

We will also work with gathering in our remaining fragments and clearing our ancestral DNA of the energy patterns which led to such fragmentation and/or were created by it.

As we gather for this purpose we will be joined by the Heavenly Host and the streaming of consciousness of Master Menon to assist our efforts. As always, our conjoined group energy and awareness will have much greater power and scope than any one of us alone.

We shall be also engaging this process for ourselves and the collective being we are all a part of on Earth.

Our motto for this group work shall be "all as one, the number to be left behind is none." Therefore as we call in our fragments and clear our ancestral DNA, we shall also bring all individuated beingness in the collective more closely into resonance and unification for the journey ahead.

I look forward to experiencing these expanded blessings of love, awareness and clarity with you.

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