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Solar Galactic Gateway
 2010 Vernal Equinox
Energy Channeling Transmission MP3 - 3/21/2010 

You are invited to experience a powerful birthing of new Galactic level consciousness.

As we passed through the Solar Gateway of the 2010 Vernal Equinox within the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement of evolution, we had opportunity to enter the "Cosmic Egg of No-Time."

I am very delighted to continue to be able to offer you this opportunity to further embody the new Galactic energies and Cosmic Christ consciousness that were/are streaming through this powerful portal.

Embody expanded galactic awareness and infusions of galactic consciousness at the cellular level as many barriers dissolve within the graceful transmutational energies that still flowing through this merkabah.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

Download MP3 Recording
1:25:49 | 39.2MB | 64Kbps

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