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Strallilium Pure Gem Body Activation
Energy Transmission MP3 - 5/10/09

Original Info: the Pure Gem Body is Thoth's terminology for our ascended New Earth Star composite body. The Pure Gem body contains the new genetic encoding that will form our 5th dimensional corporeal and light bodies in the New Earth Star ascended reality.

From Maia's akashic definitions:

Thoth speaks to me of the 'Pure Gem' as the future ascended state of the human form. It is a multi-faceted light vehicle for the soul. Thoth encourages us not to wait for the future. Since time is a multi-dimensional vehicle, past and future can be summoned into the 'now moment'.

We will be working with an inner planes agency comprised of Illuminaries which is known as the Gileihad, the Cosmic Order of the Swan-Grail. This order is described as follows by Maia's akashic definitions:

This Order is composed of those higher Light beings who will in a future age, move into the matter-realms through direct substantiation rather than incarnation, to anchor the Grail or Strallilium of Divine Genesis into the planets of recapitulation, such as Earth. In this present age, they infuse regenerative 'grail' encoding into matter as a sounding or calling in of the future Strallilium. The Gileihad work through higher sound, light and color patterning, encoding the etheric and corporeal bodies of the hue-man being and that being's reality sphere. The codes they engender therein are those of the Grail-Heart/Swan-Grail necessary for humanity in order to receive their Pure Gem bodies of the New Earth Star. The Gileihad is one of the 7 jewels in the Key of Thoth.

The Strallilium are the means by which the Pure Gem new genetic encodings will be facilitated within our manifest soul expressions as further described by Maia in her akashic definitions:

The Strallilium are the radials of Metatronic Light which are designed to penetrate the subsuvial membrane (interface between the etheric and the corpuscles of the blood) of an ensouled being and infuse the corporeal body of that soul's matter expression with the codes of divine kinship (and thus service) beyond the tapestry of karmic revolutions.

This morning I (Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid) received a transmission that the time is NOW for this to start occurring on a much wider scale on planet Earth than it has been previously. I also was informed that the three day window between the Wesak Full Moon (May 8th, 2009) and the Mayan Calendar Galactic Rebirth 6th Day midpoint (May 11th, 2009) is the best time for this profound activation to be initiated by this Station of Light.

Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!! 

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