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Personal Theta Gateway Frequency, theta binaural beat hemispheircal synchronization technology unique to you.

Personal Theta Gateway Frequency
Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment MP3
Custom Created Just for You!

Includes 3 eBooks: Quantum Miracles, Self Muscle-Testing, User Guide.

We each have our own unique Theta Gateway frequency. This frequency is the exact brainwave entrainment state which opens direct access to our subconscious mind.

Theta and other brainwave states and their states of consciousness.Just being in a general theta brainwave state is like opening the door to the subconscious mind and speaking to it through a partially open door.

This is definitely much better than trying to speak to it through a closed door!

However, when we are in theta at our unique Theta Gateway frequency, we are really dialed-into our own "God Channel" so to speak.

Then it is more akin to opening the door all the way, walking through, and sitting in the same room face to face with your subconscious mind to have a heart to heart chat in the Divine Presence!

AWESOME TOTALLY AWESOME... I have listened to the music 3x now...

I awoke with the energies connected into my Higher Self and flowing through my whole body again. I realized this is happening more and more. It seems to be getting easier too. When there are blockages, it feels like I wake up with a hot flash - as though the hot flash needs to burn off some junk/discordant energies.

When there are no/few blockages, the energies flow easy... It is like a dry, warm energy... flowing through all my body.

My 3rd try with the music... I got comfy and it only took 2 minutes into the music for all the energies to connect in again and start flowing. I realized that these (the following) all feel the same:

A. The feeling of BLISS that the Celestial White Beings taught me to feel in my body. (Natalie Glasson's channeled work).

B. My Higher Self + tube of light + KA channels flowing at full speed in my body. (Amorah Quan Yin's book entitled 'Awakening your divine KA').

C. Theta Gateway Frequency MP3 (this product) brainwave music stimulates the energies flowing through my body.

I have been working with Amorah Quan Yin's book for 10 years. However, I was stuck in the last 2 sections of her workbook. I could connect with my Higher Self easy but had trouble filling the tube of light and activating the KA channels at will.

Simeon's THETA brainwave music has solved that challenge. It is as though all the doors are opened and the energies just flow with ease. Perhaps the music attends to my ADD in such a way that my mind/ego go into relax mode. How it works doesn't matter. It is working and it feels good and blissful.

I have been trying to develop a morning meditation routine. I have not been successful. I am not a morning person and fall asleep when I try. I think this will change that. I can lay there and relax and let the music and energies flow through me and remain calm in my mind/ego.

This is a true blessing. I was asking for help from my Guides and Angels... and how to go deeper. This is their response. Thank you Guides and Angels.

Thank you Simeon for all your work. This matches up with what Ashtar, Archangel Metatron, and the Hathors are all saying in recent channellings. Clear out the house much deeper. Your work will make this much easier. KUDOS to you. Your timing is amazing. ~ Barbara - Ontario, CANADA

I learned the process for determining your unique Theta Gateway brainwave entrainment frequency back in the early 90's as part of some sounf healing training and certification I obtained through Dr. Geoffrey Thompson of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research.

Subsequent experimentation I have done has indicated that any healing, transformation or intentions we work with while in a brainwave entrainment state that is at our unique Theta Gateway frequency are far more effective.

Additionally, the two base frequencies that are used to generate your Theta Gateway frequency's binaural beat can also be attuned specifically to you to enhance the effect greatly.

This binaural beat synchronizes your right and left brain hemispheres into whole brain entrainment and acitvity and opens the door to your subconcious mind very, very powerfully.

This gives you an immense edge in becoming the master of your own subconscious mind so that you can re-program it much more effectively.

When you order this service I will determine your unique Theta Gateway brainwave entrainment frequency and the most optimal base frequencies to generate it using a propietary process.

I will then create a 30 minute MP3 similar to the one included with the "True-Self Empowerment - Prioritizing Love in Your Life" program, except that it will use your specific Theta Gateway frequency for the theta binaural beat brainwave entrainment and synchronization technology.

Theta brain wave hemispherical entrainment and synchronization technology.

Entrainment your brainwave state to this frequency while simultaneously synchronizing your right and left brain hemispheres via binaural beat entrainment technology definitely makes it much easier to access and re-program your subconscious mind. Then you can experience more of the wonderful YOU and manifest what you desire and deserve in your life!

This is therefore a superb tool to assist you in the type of work being done in the "True-Self Empowerment - Prioritizing Love in Your Life" program. It is also a very powerful way of increasing the power of your manifestational intentions, healing meditations and prayers, and all requests/commands you may wish to make of the universe all by itself.

Right and left brain hemisperical entrainment and synchronization to theta brainwave states.

You will be able to use this MP3 the rest of your life for many, many things. Using it frequently will also help you sense and learn how to access your subconscious Theta Gateway frequency without even using the audio! It is also VERY relaxing to listen to your Theta Gateway freqeuncy brainwave entrainment MP3... you will just love it!

You will additionally receive a FREE copy of my new "Quantum Miracles Part I - Clarity and Frequency" eBook ($39.99) to help you really understand how to use your Theta Gateway brainwave state to produce rapid and powerful changes in your consciousness and life.

I am also including a copy of my "Self Muscle-Testing" eBook ($5.99) to help you with becoming more confident in this very useful skill.

Finally, you will get a full color 5 page PDF with further information about how this Theta Gateway Frequency technology works and some starting suggestions for making use of it to enhance other things you are already doing.

Increase the power of your intentions, affirmations and manifestational commands of the universe and deepen your states of relaxation and inner peace buy ordering a your unique 30 minute Theta Gateway Frequency MP3 now - I will create it just for you and deliver it to you within a few days!

Only $99.00

Includes 3 eBooks: Quantum Miracles, Self Muscle-Testing, User Guide.

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