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Unity Matrix Activation

This Unity Matrix Activation (UMA) works with a very specific focus that is important for further activating the Unity Matrix within our conscious experience. The Unity Matrix is already active in our consciousness at the foundational level of our DNA.

This Unity Matrix Activation can help you realize Unity Consciousness through a more graceful and accelerated path. Additionally, our combined individual realizations of Unity Consciousness will accelerate our world collective towards completing Uma.

This Unity Matrix Activation Process is a set of two MP3 files. The first MP3 is an initial informational attunement and alignment that brings you into a deeper conscious understanding of the particular dynamic being addressed in the process. The second MP3 is a guided meditative/transmutative engagement.

The Focus: transmutation, harmonization and reconciliation of the paradox of the unlimited and limited and the numerous inner conflicts that spin-off of this foundational duality dynamic.

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