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Zeta Body Activation in MP3
an activation by Simeon Chi'Ra

The Zeta Body forms as a result of a merging between your Past (Alpha Point) and Future (Omega Point) and as your Present (everything between Alpha-Omega) is transmuted and/or circumvented through cosmic dispensation.

The Zeta Body is a perfected form that is a combination of our original Purity Template and the fully evolved Light Body we will have at the end of our current evolutionary journey.

The Zeta Body is a complete form that is not constrained within the confines of duality because all polarities have been balanced, even those of the past-future "timeline" that spans from our point of origin or Alpha Point, as a being participating in the collective reality of the Earth, all the way to the Omega point, the final destination in our journey "Home."

The reality framework of the Present (2nd State Harmonics) that has been the vehicle of our journey from Past (1st State Harmonics) to Future (3rd State Harmonics), has over time developed distortions and noise much like a favorite well-played old record that once sounded great but now has lots of scratches, hisses and pops in it that detract from the beautiful music it actually contains within its grooves or matrix.

It is this distortion and noise that we spend much of our time as human beings dealing with today. We call it many things including karma, but if we can re-frame our perspective of it and come to perceive it as nothing more than the clicks, pops and hisses in the record of our earthen journey we can actually extract our power and awareness from all of it much more easily.

In the process of Zeta Body formation the distortions and noise from our journey are removed from our light body, our past-future are merged, and the result is the formation of the Zeta Body. The noise and distortion are in some cases partially transmuted, in other cases they are simply circumvented through a cosmic dispensation, and in most cases it's a bit of both.

Cosmic dispensation is when Celestial Beings of great magnitude, power and love in conjunction with our Higher Cosmic Self help pull the noisy and distorted harmonics aside for awhile so that we might experience the pure music within us that has now been enhanced as a result of our evolutionary journey in density, and, its soooo much more beautiful in this enhanced form!

You might be asking, why would these Celestial Beings and our Higher Cosmic Self wish for us to experience this state and hear that beautifully enhanced music only to let us go back to hearing the noise and distortions once again?

The answer is that each time we hear that beautiful enhanced music within us and everything else, it opens the door a little wider to being able to hear it all the time.

Its like riding a bicycle without training wheels. Each time you do it successfully the neurons in your body start to entrain to that capability so that before long you ride that bike without the training wheels quite naturally without any effort.

Our consciousness operates in a similar manner and the neurons of our body are an integral part of the whole dynamic with the Zeta Body as well. The state of beingness that the Zeta Body represents is a body of higher light mathematical frequency harmonics that contains a vast degree of awareness and information embedded and encoded within them.

Every time we experience a Zeta Body manifestation the neurons of our bodies are further entrained to the frequency-reality which the Zeta Body manifestation represents, our future ascended self, our True Cosmic Self.

Conscious cognition of a Zeta Body experience, or a conscious intention to experience one even when it does not manifest, all serve to elevate the Zeta Body manifestation process to an entirely different level for us and the human collective.

Going back to our question now:  we never do go all the way back! Each time we have such an experience we advance some increment in consciousness towards our goal. We may not cognize that advance, but rest assured it does in fact occur.

Zeta Body formation has in fact been happening spontaneously on this planet for a very long time. It is only on rare occasions that the Zeta Body can be sustained indefinitely by a being incarnate on this planet with the exception of Master Embodiments.

It is even rarer that we consciously cognize what is happening during a spontaneous Zeta Body manifestation. Its like we may have an exceptionally clear day or two and wonder what it was that caused that incredible experience so we can have more of them. Then it dissipates and we are seemingly back to life as usual and do not know exactly why it occurred or how to re-experience it again.

If we begin consciously intending and inviting Zeta Body manifestations it is much more likely we may cognize them when they occur spontaneously as well as when they occur as a direct result of our conscious efforts to manifest a Zeta Body.

We are now at a point in our current evolutionary cycle where Zeta Body manifestations are beginning to happen much more frequently of their own spontaneous accord.

Our conscious participation in the formation of a Zeta Body can greatly accelerate the process of Zeta Body development and manifestation in our individual and our collective experience.

I have therefore brought through, created, and made available a Zeta Body Activation to help assist this process on Earth at this critical time.

This pre-recorded MP3 package has a music background that uses metal and crystal Tibetan Singing Bowls and which helps deepen your state of consciousness to facilitate a Zeta Body manifestation.

You can also read some deeply esoteric information on this Zeta Body Activation which discusses some of the higher multi-dimensional beings and dynamics that are involved as well as the structure and format of the activational flow.

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