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11:11:11 Eye of Metatron image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling event by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
click image for hi-res version ~ my gift

11:11:11 ~ Eye of Metatron
Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
A mega-powerful video transmission!

facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

The energy activations and processes you will experience in this transmission will be powerful and totally valid for several years beyond 11:11:11 ~ they contain the New Earth codes for what we will be developing heading towards 2013 and beyond.

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You will experience and work directly with the following in this oneness transmission:

  • The Return of Cumthara - Supreme Solar Archangel
    • Hails directly from the Great Central Sun.
    • Hails through the "Iiniros StarGate."
    • Delivers our New Earth Solar Inscription/Law.
    • Will recalibrate our Solar and Planetary Logoi.
    • We will receive Cumthara's Crown Triad Inscription.
      • Triad = Crown + Pineal + Medulla Oblongata.
      • Pituitary at center of Triad.
  • EYE of METATRON - New Earth D'NA Seeding.
    • AN'KII HoloGate = AN'KII Portal Hologram.
    • D'NA (dee-NAH) = First Light New Earth DNA.
    • D'NA = New Earth Adam Kadmon.
    • Activate next octave etheric 12 strand D'NA codons.
  • Sounding of the First Sacred Tone with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.
    • 7D Solar Priestess, Master of the Divine Tone.
    • From high-etheric Temple of La'kina.
    • We become bio-resonators for Sacred Tone on Earth.
    • 7 Sacred Tones coordinate new 7 Seal Programming.

These are three very powerful processes being sequenced together by the Metatronic Councils of Light to help you accelerate your movement into the New Earth.

There is some new high frequency energy-art used in this transmission as always! The first of these is at top of this page and the hi-res version is yours as my gift by clicking on the image!!!

With the purchase of this video you will also get ALL 23 960 x 720 hi-res JPG energy-art images used for the activational processes in this video presentation.

View/Download Video Now
(02:13:36) - 111.4 MB

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