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Sen'Su: 12:22:11 Solstice Sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone energy-art image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling event by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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Sen'Su: 12:22:11 Solstice Transmission
Sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Video
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na
facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra

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As I have previously shared in webinars and articles, the sounding of the 7 Sacred Tones occurs on key nodal points upon the 2012 Fractal Line.

I have now been given mantram names for each of these 7 Sacred Tones which vibrationally attune us to their specific qualities. I just updated my 2012 Fractal Line energy-art graphic to include all of of these names and their meanings.

The 1st Sacred Tone which was sounded in conjunction with the 11:11:11 Gateway was given the name "Ra'Ma." The meaning of this name is the "Father-Mother Light." It was the Sacred Tone which gave birth and life to all the remaining 6 Sacred Tones and what they enable!

As a whole matrix the 7 Sacred Tones represent the harmonics which are needed to coordinate and synchronize the new programming now present in our 7 Planetary Seals.

With the sounding of each Sacred Tone a new layer or "sacred weaving" with its own unique harmonic qualities is introduced into this integrative process. With the sounding of the 7th Sacred Tone on 12:13:13 our recently acquired New Earth programming is then fully functional.

The 2nd Sacred Tone is being sounded in conjunction with our upcoming December Solstice. It's name was given as "Sen'Su." The meaning of this name according to the Metatronic Councils of Light is "Ecstatic Union."

This is the Sacred Tone that supplies the harmonics to bring the New Earth Father-Mother Light into ecstatic union within our experience on Earth. It is also the harmonic energy of the Divine New Earth Child, which draws its Father-Mother energy together into deeper union through the energy of love to bring what has just been birthed into maturity.

This is also an energy that serves as our fulcrum into 2012 and beyond. The sounding of this 2nd Sacred Tone occurring at Solstice this year is significant. It is inter-penetrating the cyclic Shamanic Christ Consciousness energy movement (free video) when it is at its two extremes of expression (Father/Mother or Yang/Yin Christ energy).

This sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone is also occurring on the first Solstice after the conclusion of the 16.4 billion year harmonic progression of the Mayan Calendar and the 11:11:11 Gateway.

There is much more than can be said on all of this and I will be relating some of it in the upcoming Sen'Su ~ 12:22:11 Solstice Transmission Webinar.

My Family of Light in Oneness Love, we have surfed the 9th Wave to completion together. Now we are entering into a journey to more fully experience the New Earth Hologram via the 2012 Fractal Line.

This is also a very different energy now. We are working with New Earth energy patterns much more fully and have the full support of our native planetary programming.

It is truly exciting, experence the Sen'Su ~ 12:22:11 Solstice Transmission Video! As part of the program you will be joining 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na for the sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone with myriads of beings and legions upon legions of angels!

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(02:02:07) - 107.8 MB

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