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Trinary Planetary Logica Unity & Oneness Attunement Quanta 2, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
click image for large hi-res version ~ my gift

Trinary Planetary Logica
Quanta 2 Attunement
Shifting into Unlimited Potential
'Cosmic Options Trading'
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Video
Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

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General Info on this Series

On 7/23/12 the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave penetrated our planetary core and recoded our Planetary Logica (logic circuitry) from binary (dualistic) to trinary (unified) code.

In the second 2012 Equinox window between 9/21-9/25/12 we experienced the manifestation of a hyperspace Sha'alura Cosmic Wave ripple which strengthened the harmonics of our Planetary Logica's new trinary encoding supporting us more directly in acheiving Unity Consicousness by empowering us to transcend the duality inherent in the old binary system.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have just offered us an opportunity to engage them in a series of Trinary Planetary Logica (oneness) attunements that they are calling "Quanta." This is for the purpose of gathering a dedicated group of souls that feels called to work consciously to further this process within their own incarnate beingness as a unification and balancing service to our human collective as well as their own evolution.

In each Quanta there will be further information revealed about this overall process, our new Trinary Planetary Logica (oneness), and how we as humans need to adjust our own internal logic patterns accordingly to move beyond the programming which was born of the old binary Planetary Logica (duality). This informational awareness expansion is followed with an experiential pure energy transmission in a meditational format facilitated by Ascended Master Lord Menon.

A "Quanta" is defined by the Metatronic Councils of Light as being a specific quantum potential of Metatronic Full-Light spectrum encodings. They intend to transmit a specific overall Quanta of Metatronic energy related to and interfaced with our Trinary Planetary Logica (unity-oneness program) through a series of graduated increases in energy potential.

Because this is a series of attunements it is most beneficial to go through them from the beginning. You can, however, enter at any point and receive benefit for yourself and your planet.

The Trinary Planetary Logica Quanta Attunements that have preceded this one are as follows:

If you haven't been through the Quanta 1 Attunement, please watch the free Trinary Planetary Logica Intro video (01:06:06) as a preparation for Quanta 2 and all future attunements in this series.

Specific Info on this Quanta 2 Attunement

In this Quanta 2 Attunement video you will be guided through understanding and working with what the Metatronic Councils of Light have termed "Cosmic Options Trading." This of course has nothing to do with financial investments and trading, although you could apply it there for sure!!!

Rather, it has to do with expanding our awareness as to how we can consciously employ Trinary Logic to triangulate, gain altitude, and break out of the limited field of binary options we tend to see as being all that is possible!

This is where the old mode of "it's either, this, this, or that" which we must choose from as our available options thus goes quantum and breaks out of linear binary limitations and constraints. We open up to a greater holographic quantum field of infinite possibilities and we then bring them into practical form to apply them!

Tools and processes for accomplishing this are provided! Nothing like bringing the expansiveness of the cosmic plane right down into the practical affairs of life on Earth!

In this Quanta 2 Attunement, you will learn and/or experience the following:

  • A teaching from Ascended Master Lord Menon on the dimensional contsruct of the universe from 2D thru 7D, and how the spatial dimensions and time dimensions interact and work in physical and consciousness reality constructs.
  • How we have really been in 4D all along and how we are also still working to complete our foundational 3D construct which then launches us thru 4D into 5D.
  • The nature of the 3 primary dimensions of time.
  • The nature of a hyperspace dimension.
  • How to use trinary mode (Trinary Logica) to expand out of (trade-out) the limited field of binary options/solutions into the unlimited field of potentials and possibilities to create our New Earth.
  • Recombinant alchemy.
  • How expanding our field of options and possibilities raises our frequency into more joy and happiness.
  • A step by step process for cosmically trading limited options in for more expanded possibilities and potentials for solving practical problems, coming up with situational solutions, and accessing greater potential in our new directions (Cosmic Options Trading).
  • A process for adjusting the CRP (Critical Rotational Position) of your brain on the brain stem which results in enhanced ability to access higher-dimensional awareness and consciousness.
  • A powerful message and energy transmission process from Ascended Master Lord Menon for opening up your light body to receive more of the New Earth thought-form flame geometries that were originally seeded into the Earth during the powerful Zenhidron transmission back in March 2011.
  • A lovely concluding and grounding message and transmission from our New Earth Mother, Gaia An'Ma facilitated by Karen Ani'Ra.

If you experienced the Quanta 1 Attunement, you KNOW what these attunements offer! If you didn't experience Quanta 1, you really owe it to yourself to see what these attunements have to offer!

Trinary Planetary Logic sacred geometry design energy-art, a Family of Light oneness energy channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online

BONUS #1: download a hi-res poster size (3825x2550) version of the incredible Trinary Planetary Logica New Earth sacred geometry energy-art shown on the left!

Trinary Planetary Logica star-glyph symbol for magnetizing New Earth flame-geometries into the light body, a Family of Light oneness energy channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online

BONUS #2: download a high-quality JPG (960x720) presentation slide of the special star-glyph symbol and star-tribe languauge mantram given by ascended Master Lord Menon for magnetizing New Earth flame-geometries into your light-body.

Trinary Planetary Logica Cosmic Options Trading Process PDF, a Family of Light oneness energy channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online

BONUS #3: download a special "Cosmic Options Trading" (trading-in limited options for unlimited potentials) process used in the video presentation. This is formatted nicely as a PDF with the energy-art images used for focusing to make it easy to use this process again after experiencing the video attunement and transmission.

Still undecided? Watch the hour long free intro video to this entire series - it is a teaching and transmission with enormous value all of its own!

I'm truly excited about being able to both facilitate and receive of this gift of Divine Grace and to do so for all our brothers and sisters on Earth. Please join me in the sacred work in behalf of our human collective!


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