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Trinary Planetary Logica Unity & Oneness Attunement Quanta 2, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
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Trinary Planetary Logica
Quanta 3 Attunement
Multidimensional Processing
'Triangulating to Infinity'
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Video
Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra
w/ Ascended Master Lord Menon

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

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General Info on this Series

On 7/23/12 the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave penetrated our planetary core and recoded our Planetary Logica (logic circuitry) from binary (dualistic) to trinary (unified) code.

In the second 2012 Equinox window between 9/21-9/25/12 we experienced the manifestation of a hyperspace Sha'alura Cosmic Wave ripple which strengthened the harmonics of our Planetary Logica's new trinary encoding supporting us more directly in acheiving Unity Consicousness by empowering us to transcend the duality inherent in the old binary system.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have just offered us an opportunity to engage them in a series of Trinary Planetary Logica (oneness) attunements that they are calling "Quanta." This is for the purpose of gathering a dedicated group of souls that feels called to work consciously to further this process within their own incarnate beingness as a unification and balancing service to our human collective as well as their own evolution.

In each Quanta there will be further information revealed about this overall process, our new Trinary Planetary Logica (oneness), and how we as humans need to adjust our own internal logic patterns accordingly to move beyond the programming which was born of the old binary Planetary Logica (duality). This informational awareness expansion is followed with an experiential pure energy transmission in a meditational format facilitated by Ascended Master Lord Menon.

A "Quanta" is defined by the Metatronic Councils of Light as being a specific quantum potential of Metatronic Full-Light spectrum encodings. They intend to transmit a specific overall Quanta of Metatronic energy related to and interfaced with our Trinary Planetary Logica (unity-oneness program) through a series of graduated increases in energy potential.

Because this is a series of attunements it is most beneficial to go through them from the beginning. You can, however, enter at any point and receive benefit for yourself and your planet.

The Trinary Planetary Logica Quanta Attunements that have preceded this one are as follows:

If you haven't been through the Quanta 1 or Quanta 2 attunements, please watch the free Trinary Planetary Logica Intro video (01:06:06) as a preparation for Quanta 3.

Specific Info on this Quanta 3 Attunement

The focus of this Quanta 3 attunement is multi-dimensional processing, triangulating to infinity, when 3 = 1...

Quanta 3 is designed to help us accelerate our abilities to make use of the new multi-dimensional processing capacity that came online as a part of our 12:21:12 planetary passage which is also directly related to our new Trinary Planetary Logica.

This new Trinary Planetary Logica which we received as a result of the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave in July 2012 assists us to process energy, information and consciousness multi-dimensionally at a greater rate and capacity than ever before as well as achieve unity consciousness.

The long awaited 12:21:12 passage we recently went through brought an even more greatly expanded capacity for multi-dimensional processing online and made it available to us.

We now have to begin learning how to access it and make use of it. Our ability to do this will develop quite naturally as we move forward through time. Yet, like with everything else, we can accelerate the process be engaging it consciously with a willingness to learn, change and expand.

Together with our new Trinary Planetary Logica our new multi-dimensional processing capacity is extremely powerful and liberating. It allows us to move through much greater domains of energy and consciousness very quickly without feeling overwhelmed or getting out of balance.

Trinary logic defines a space whereas binary logic defines a line.

With binary logic we have two points defining a single line, but no space.

With trinary logic we have three points defining three lines which then define a space which is inside the triangle comprised of the three lines. This is where 3 = 1... i.e. three points and lines results in one triangular space.

The importance of this concept to the expansion and evolution of our consciousness is quite profound. It is the space defined by trinary logic that allows a much vaster amount of energy and consciousness to be processed simultaneously.

When we integrate trinary logic into our consciousness we open this space for energy and consciousness to flow through. When we are only working with binary logic, all energy and consciousness must flow along the line our consciousness defines, there is no space for it to flow through. It must therefore be processed in a linear fashion, from A through Z.

Most of this energy and consciousness must thus pass directly through our human experience in some way, through physical actions and/or through emotions, which are energy actions within us.

With trinary logic we can define a space for these energies and consciousness to flow through without actually having to directly experience them... unless, we make the quantum choice to do so.

Yet, there is more! When we passed through the 12:21:12 portal our planetary reality matrix was re-calibrated so that it is now in perfect synchronization with a particular galactic long wave or pulse. This has reset our planetary chronos function. We have literally entered into a new domain of time altogether. The ramifications of this are quite vast.

Relative to this discussion this means that our new trinary logic which defines a triangular space went multiplex as well! In other words, we now have access to multiple triangular space-channels of energy which are configured into a vast matrix that is somewhat of a crystallization of the golden mean spiral which unfolds on into infinity.

I have seen a visual inner planes representation of this and it looks something like a honeycomb with triangular cells in it which has a spiralic pattern that is defined by the golden mean in the way the cells are arranged in the honeycomb.

Thus, as we integrate trinary logic properly, our new triangular space for processing energy and consciousness can holographically replicate itself to mirror this triangular-celled honeycomb matrix.

This expanded multi-dimensional processing ability thus empowers us greatly. We can much more easily allow vast waves of energy to pass through us for our collective and the cosmos without being overwhelmed, thrown out of balance or dis-integrated.

Being able to experience higher dimensions while still being firmly grounded and present in our experience on Earth is but one example of what becomes much more easily possible along these lines.

With this expanded multi-dimensional processing ability we can also engage many more possibilities and potentials on the physical plane simultaneously without becoming overwhelmed or scattered. In other words our ability to stay strongly centered despite many engagements happening simultaneously expands greatly. This in turn greatly expands our field of potentials.

This means we become much more efficient energetically. When we become scattered or overwhelmed we burn up vast amounts of energy that is not really accomplishing anything useful or productive.

Lord Menon related to me that it is this multi-dimensional processing capacity that we really need to develop now in order to co-create our New Earth. It is also a major key to unity consciousness. He also states we now have everything we need in place to succeed as well. So it is time for us to learn to do this!

If you participated in the Quanta 1 or Quanta 2 attunements you KNOW what these attunements offer! If you didn't participate you really owe it to yourself to experience what these attunements have to offer!

BONUS: in addition to the video and process PDF you will be able to download a hi-res poster size (3825x2550) version of the incredibe Trinary Planetary Logica New Earth sacred geometry energy-art shown on the left!

Engage your Divine Self and Ascended Master Lord Menon for this pure energy infusion, attunement and higher consciousness teaching!


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